Watch Dogs 2 Clothing Items Locations Guide

Watch Dogs 2 Clothing Items Locations Guide

Watch Dogs 2 Clothing Items Locations Guide
A Clothing Item in Watch Dogs 2

Our Watch Dogs 2 Clothing Items locations guide below reveals the hidden collectibles you need to find if you wish to have more clothes for Marcus while playing the latest video game developed by Ubisoft.

The Clothing Items in Watch Dogs 2 are very similar to other hidden collectables such as Research Points, Money Bags and especially Paint Jobs.

Our guide includes all Clothing Items hidden in San Francisco, Oakland and Marine; however, you will also receive various Clothing Items as rewards for finishing activities such as races, or for completing the game’s main and side operations.

Additionally, you can also unlock a special outfit known as the Gnome Costume for finding all 10 Hidden Gnomes.

This guide only shows the hidden Clothing Items scattered on the streets, items that can be acquired without participating in any activity.

These items are hard to find because of their unknown locations. Therefore, we suggest you to use our maps below, along with the hints provided and the video at the end of the guide. If you wish to see what rewards you receive for other activities, feel free to check our complete Watch Dogs 2 walkthrough on YouTube.

As you will notice, the Clothing Items in Watch Dogs 2 can be collected just like the Paint Jobs. You can use Marcus or the RC Jumper to reach their locations, then press the corresponding button to pick them up.

So, when you are ready to start your hunt for these collectibles head to Alcatraz Island in Marin area, and follow our map and hints below.

Marin Clothing Items Locations

Watch Dogs 2 Marin Clothing Items Locations Map
Marin Area Clothing Items

Clothing Item 1 (Twin Peaks Mask) – This mask is located inside a restricted area, on top of a pillar. Scout the building from above using your Quadcopter, then use your RC Jumper to quickly retrieve the collectible when the guards are distracted. You will need the spring upgrade for this collectable, so make sure you unlock it by finding the corresponding Key Data.

Clothing Item 2 (Castro Mask) – The second Watch Dogs 2 Clothing Item on Alcatraz is also a mask. You will find it at the bottom of a platform used in constructions. It is fairly easy to get with Marcus.

Clothing Item 15 (Long Sleeve T-Shirt Lombard) – This item is not included in our video guide because it was found later. It is on the porch of a tree house in a restricted area. Take out the enemies and look for it close to the door of a red house. This area is also a ScoutX location.

Oakland Clothing Items Locations

Watch Dogs 2 Oakland Clothing Items Locations Map
Oakland Area Clothing Items Locations

Clothing Item 3 (Cap Legs) – This Clothing Item in Oakland can be found on a balcony. To reach its location, check the coffee shop in the corner of the street and jump on the umbrellas using the RC Jumper. Now, hop on the balcony and on the next umbrella to reach the shop’s rooftop. Cross it and jump on the balcony where the collectible is located.

Clothing Item 15 (T-Shirt Chinatown) – Another one that was found later and is not included in our video guide. It is on a table inside the restricted area in Lakeside Park. The area is guarded by a robot and a single guard, easy to get in using the RC Jumper after you distract them using the Drone.

It is on the porch of a tree house in a restricted area. Take out the enemies and look for it close to the door of a red house. This area is also a ScoutX location.

San Francisco Clothing Items Locations

Watch Dogs 2 San Francisco Clothing Items Locations Map
San Francisco Area Clothing Items Locations

Clothing Item 4 (Cap Legs) – In San Francisco you can find 11 hidden Watch Dogs 2 Clothing Items, the first one being located in the backyard of a Food Mart (location 4 on our map). Look for it behind a red container and some wooden boxes.

Clothing Item 5 (Cap Oakland) – North-west from Mission Dolores Park is another Clothing Item, under some wooden planks. Use the forklift to move the box blocking your access, then send the RC Jumper to pick up the collectible.

Clothing Item 6 (Sausy Mask) – This item is on a rooftop under a pergola. Start north from its location, in order to access the back alley. Look for a wooden fence, then a small shack and a yellow ladder on a lower roof. Climb the ladder, then the air ventilation box to reach the roof of a blue house. Next, move right towards the collectible, and reach the next roof using another ventilation box. On the other side of the next roof is the Clothing Item.

Clothing Item 7 (T-Shirt Skyline) – Look for this one outside, on a hill. It is protected by 4 gang members sitting close to a yellow van. Drop an IED using your Quadcopter and you can stun all of them, then retrieve the item.

Clothing Item 8 (Sweater Fisherman’s Warf) – To reach this collectible, place Marcus near the southern side of the building and look for a window washing elevator. Use it to go all the way up on the roof. Here you will find a bike and a ramp. Yes, you have to use the bike and jump on the ramp. Make sure you don’t boost your speed and you will land exactly on the roof where the item is located. Simply climb the yellow ladder nearby and check the couch under a pergola.

Clothing Item 9 (Cap Lake Merrit) – Across the street from North Beach you will locate another Watch Dogs 2 Clothing Item. It is on the ground, in the corner of a gray building. Stun all 4 gang members nearby and retrieve it.

Clothing Item 10 (Cable Car Mask) – In Japantown is another Clothing Item. Check the south-eastern corner of the street for a building with a round Jacuzzi on the roof. Follow the stairs nearby, climb the plant pots near the wall and you will find the collectible on the ground, next to some white shirts hanging from a wall.

Clothing Item 11 (Sweater Japantown) – This item is on a balcony and can only be reached using a van. Park it near the building, jump on it, then jump on the said balcony. Look for the item on an air duct behind a wooden fence.

Clothing Item 12 (Sutro Tower Mask) – Stun all guards in the back alley where this Clothing Item is located, using the Quadcopter. Now, enter the restricted area and look for it on a bench.

Clothing Item 13 (T-Shirt Ferry Building) – This item is located on another rooftop north from Lombard Street. From the location marked on our map, move north looking for a scissor lift. Place it close to the building where the collectible is located and look for it on a kitchen table.

Clothing Item 14 (Cap Crossroads) – East from Palace of Fine Arts is the final Clothing Item. It is on a balcony you can easily reach by climbing the shack in the backyard of a blue house. From there, jump on the air conditioning boxes, then go around the next rooftops to find the Watch Dogs 2 Clothing Item collectible.

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