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Tomb Raider Well of Tears Walkthrough

Tomb Raider Well of Tears is the third tomb that can be accessed while playing the video game, as soon as Lara enters Shantytown.

The entrance to the Well of Tears tomb is located in the south-eastern area of Shantytown, inside a small shack.

Unlike the previous tomb, named Hall of Ascension, Well of Tears can be opened while trying to reach the gate under the bridge, but it requires the Rope Arrows and the Climbing Axe.

Tomb Raider Well of Tears features a simple puzzle, and the following walkthrough reveals the complete solution for this specific riddle, providing a step-by-step walkthrough, which will eventually lead players to the treasure chest and the treasure map inside it.


1250 XP

Shantytown Relics Map which also reveals the locations for all Shantytown Documents

Special Equipment Required

Rope Arrows

Climbing Axe

Puzzle Solution

When you enter the Well of Tears tomb, activate the Survival Instincts, and determine the items you can interact with.

You should see several canisters on the ground, a suspended platform, and on the left side while standing near the camp, a balcony.

The goal of this puzzle is to reach the balcony and follow the tunel behind it that leads to a room where the treasure chest can be found.

To complete the Tomb Raider Well of Tears puzzle, you should follow several steps:

1. Gather three canisters and make sure you throw them on the suspended platform. To do so, you have to place Lara, near the camp, and use LT to aim and RT to throw. Wait for the platform to reach the ground, and then jump on it.

2. While standing on the platform, grab one canister and throw it outside.

3. When you are ready, run back to the upper floor (where the camp is located), while the platform is moving up, and jump on it when it is close to the balcony, but low enough for Lara to reach it.

4. Turn left and jump again to grab the balcony’s edge.

5. Follow the next corridor, and locate the treasure chest to collect your reward.

Hint: When you throw the canister outside the platform, it is a good idea to aim for the upper level. This strategy allows you to move faster in case you fail to complete the puzzle, and wish to retry it.

Tomb Raider Collectibles Locations
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