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Tomb Raider The Flooded Vault Walkthrough

Tomb Raider The Flooded Vault walkthrough is a step-by-step guide, created for those who encounter difficulties in completing the sixth tomb featured in the video game.

The Flooded Vault can be accessed after Lara gets the compound bow in the area known as Shipwreck Beach.

While trying to reach the Endurance Wreck, you will get near the tomb’s entrancen, which is guarded by two Solarii.

The exact location of the tomb will be automatically added to your map.

At this point in the videogame, The Flooded Vault can be raided in order to collect the corresponding rewards.


1250 XP

Shipwreck Beach Relic Map which also reveals the locations of all Shipwreck Beach Documents

Special Equipment Required

Fire Arrows

Rope Arrows

Climbing Axe

Puzzle Solution

As the name implies, The Flooded Vault is a chamber filled with water. Eventually, while trying to open the vault’s main gate, Lara turns the power on.

When you enter the tomb, take a close look at the objects highlighted by Lara’s Survival Instinct.

While standing at the entrance you should see a floating platform on the left side of the room, a hole on the right wall which is covered by several planks, and a generator that touches the water.

Before starting the puzzle it is important to know that if Lara touches the water she will instantly die. To solve the Flooded Vault riddle, you have to follow several steps:

1. Get near the floating platform, and with the torch make sure you set the pole on fire, to release the said platform.

2. Using Lara’s shotgun you have to destroy the planks that cover the right wall.

3. Fire a rope arrow and pull the platform towards you, until it reaches the wall. Jump on it, and then jump again, to get around the corner.

4. The next step is to fire another rope arrow to the planks on the ceiling, so you can pull the generator out of the water.

5. When the water is safe, cross the room following the stairs. Move as fast as you can, because the generator will descend, and the electricity will kill you.

6. When you reach the other side, pull the platform again, towards the generator.

7. When the platform is near, pull up the generator, then the platform towards you. The goal is to place the generator on the platform.

8. When the last step is complete, the water is safe to cross. Follow the stairs on the other side of the vault, and look for the chest on the second floor.

Tomb Raider Collectibles Locations
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