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Tomb Raider Temple of the Handmaidens Walkthrough

Temple of the Handmaidens is the final tomb Lara can raid in Tomb Raider, the video game.

Unlike the previous tomb (The Flooded Vault), Temple of the Handmaidens, requires a special tool (Rope Ascender), which can be acquired after Lara returns to Endurance.

Once she retrieves the tools for Reyes and the Rope Ascender, make sure you search for the tomb’s entrance which can be found north-east from the Fast Travel Camp in the area known as Shipwreck Beach.

The door that allows you to enter to the Temple of the Handmaidens is a door that can’t be opened without a Rope Ascender.

The following Tomb Raider Temple of the Handmaidens walkthrough, explains how to solve the final puzzle in the videogame, and how to collect the treasure map inside the last treasure chest.


1250 XP

Shipwreck Beach GPS Caches Map

Special Equipment Required

Rope Ascender

Climbing Axe

Rope Arrows

Puzzle Solution

Assuming that you have the Rope Ascender, when you enter the Temple of the Handmaidens, while standing near the camp, activate Lara’s Survival Instincts to identify the following elements: a buoy next to a cage that forms a bridge; a round wheel which allows you to raise the bridge, two vertical pillars made of wood, and a climbing wall.

Your goal in this puzzle is to reach the climbing wall, by jumping on the horizontal poles attached to the vertical pillars; however, the poles must be moved by the floating buoy.

To complete the Temple of the Handmaidens, make sure you follow the steps below:

1. Turn the wheel and raise the gate, to clear the path for the floating buoy.

2. Jump on the platform to the left, and wait for the buoy to reach the vertical pillar. When it does, the horizontal pole will move allowing you to grab it and advance towards the second platform.

3. While standing on the said platform use the rope arrow to rotate the pillar, and wait for the buoy to reach it.

4. Now, jump on the second horizontal pole and then jump again towards the climbing wall.

5. Ascend the wall and check the tunnel on the second floor, for the treasure chest.

Tomb Raider Collectibles Locations
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