Tomb Raider Cliffside Bunker Relics Locations

Tomb Raider Relics Locations

The Tomb Raider Relics represent another type of hidden collectibles featured  in the videogame, and can be acquired when Lara reaches the first area of the island.

The Relics come in different shapes and forms, depicting various objects. Most of them are ancient Japanese items, and they can be a good source of information regarding the island’s history.

Like the Documents and the GPS Caches, the Tomb Raider Relics are available in most regions, but they are well hidden, so players are advised to keep an eye out even in the most unlikely areas.

Also, when players unlock gear such as Rope Arrows or even the Shotgun, they must travel back to previously visited areas using the Camps, because they will find more Relics left to collect.

Up to 42 Tomb Raider Relics can be collected in the videogame, which are split into several categories.

There are two achievements/trophies (Relic Hunter and Archaeologist) that can be unlocked for acquiring most of the Relics, and the third one, No Stone Left Unturned, which also includes the GPS Caches and Documents.

Kanpo Herbs

Yagen Medicinal

Herb Vial

Dried Gobo Root

Noh Masks

Hannya Mask Female

Noh Mask

Oni Noh Mask

Edo Period Fans

Green Folded Fan

Gunbai War Fan

Semper Fi

Silver Flask

Old Photograph

USMC Dogtags

Senshi Elite

Japanese Dogtags

Marksmanship Badge

Ancient Coins

Japanese 2 Sen Coin

100 Mon Coin

Portuguese Tin Coin

Bronze Coins

Bronze Chinese Coin

Bronze Japanese Coin

A Family Outing

Stuffed Bunny

Toy Train

Worn Wallet

Yuan Dynasty Jade

Brown Jade Ink Box

Stained Jade Head Rest

Shaped Jade Head Rest

Ceremonial Fans

Funeral Fan

Wedding Fan

Inscribed Silk Fan


Kanshu Burial Urn

Ban Chiang Vase

Satsuma Vase


Chou Dynasty Dagger

Jade Ceremonial Dagger

Japanese Ceremonial Dagger

Animal Statuary

Jade Horse

Jade Water Buffalo

Jade Drinking Vessel


Decorative Inro

Metal Inro

Commander’s Inro

Scribe’s Inro


Chou Dynasty Helmet

Ceremonial Helmet 

Tomb Raider Relics Guide

Coastal Forest – 3 Relics

Mountain Temple – 2 Relics

Mountain Village – 6 Relics

Base Approach – 2 Relics

Base Exterior – 2 Relics

Shantytown – 7 Relics

Summit Forest – 3 Relics

Geothermal Caverns – 3 Relics

Chasm Shrine – 3 Relics

Research Base – 2 Relics

Shipwreck Beach – 6 Relics

Cliffside Bunker – 3 Relics

The second part in our Tomb Raider collectibles’ guide features detailed maps far all Tomb Raider Relics and they can be used by players who don’t have the Treasure Maps.

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