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Tomb Raider Hall of Ascension Walkthrough

Tomb Raider Hall of Ascension is the second tomb in the video game, and the second tomb that can be raided while exploring Mountain Village.

The tomb known as Hall of Ascension, is located on the north-eastern side of Mountain Village, and can be accessed after Lara completest her objectives in Cliffside Village .

The tomb’s location is also close to the smoke beacon you have to reach during the game. While exploring the area towards the said objective, you will have to get near the Hall of Ascension.

At this point in the game, the tomb can be raided, since it doesn’t require any special equipment.

The difference between Hall of Ascension and other tombs, such as Tomb of the Unworthy, can be observed as soon as you exit the first tunnel.

Hall of Ascension is probably the trickiest tomb in the video game since it focuses on perfect timing.

The following Tomb Raider Hall of Ascension walkthrough reveals the steps that must be followed if you wish to complete the Hall of Ascension puzzle; however, since timing plays the key role in this puzzle, multiple attempts may be required.


1250 XP

Mountain Village GPS Caches Map

Special Equipment Required


Puzzle Solution

As soon as you enter the large pagoda where the tomb is located, turn on Lara’s Survival Instincts in order to identify the objects she can interact with.

While standing at the entrance you should see the followings: to the left, two opened windows and a wheel you can turn to close them. In the center of the room, a large crate on which you can jump; and a moving platform attached to another wheel you can interact with.

To the right is a highlighted wall on which Lara can jump.

To goal of this puzzle is to make the platform get close enough to the wall, so Lara can jump on it, and then grab the ledge, which leads her to the treasure chest.

The puzzle can be solved following several steps, maintaining the same order as the one presented below.

1. Get to the wheel located under the opened windows, and close them by mashing the X button.

2. Approach the wheel near the moving platform and mash the same button to raise the platform.

3. Jump on the crate, and while facing the platform, make sure you stand on the crate’s edge.

4. When the windows open, jump on the platform, and then jump twice on the wall. Grab the ledge and go left until you reach the second floor of the tomb.

5. Investigate the room, and retrieve the treasure map.

Hint: Since you need to time your jump, if you encounter difficulties in completing the puzzle, it is a good idea to pay close attention to the sound made by the windows when they open.

The sound indicates the moment you have to press the jump button.

Make sure that you stand on the edge of the moving platform that is closest to the crate from which you have jumped, while the wind pushes Lara towards the wall.

In other words, imagine that Lara stands on a surf board.

Tomb Raider Collectibles Locations
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