Tomb Raider Cliffside Bunker GPS Caches Locations

Tomb Raider GPS Caches Locations

Along with the Documents and Relics available in the video game, players can also locate and retrieve up to 75 Tomb Raider GPS Caches.

The GPS Caches in Tomb Raider are also divided in sets, but their purpose is to unlock a series of extra bonuses which can be located in the game’s menu.

Additionally, for each Tomb Raider GPS Cache, players earn 5 XP Points, which means that those who find all of them will increase Lara’s total amount of experience by 375 points.

Even if this amount is small compared to the number of XP Points earned for raiding a tomb for example, finding all GPS Caches is mandatory if players wish to unlock the achievement/trophy called No Stone Left Unturned.

To find all Tomb Raider GPS Caches, players can use three different methods.

The first method, which is also probably the easiest, is to find all Tomb Raider treasure maps. The maps allow players to see all collectibles on the in-game map, including the documents and relics; but players will have to retrieve the treasure maps while exploring each region.

When a treasure map has been acquired, and the GPS Caches added to Lara’s map, players can mark the location of a GPS Cache, and then using Lara’s Survival Instinct, they will have to follow a blue beam which is generated on the exact location of the collectable.

Another way to find the Tomb Raider Caches is to use the maps provided below as they reveal all GPS collectibles in the videogame. The maps have been created for those who encounter difficulties in finding the hidden caches, and they have been modified to include all zones in the video game.

The third and final method is to use Lara’s Tier 3 skill known as Cartography. A common mistake is to believe that the Cartography skill will automatically add all collectibles’ locations on the main map. In fact, these locations will be added only if Lara is near a collectible and players activate her Survival Instinct.

Without activating the said instinct, the collectibles will remain hidden. Even if the Cartography Skill is unlocked, finding all GPS Caches using the third method can be time consuming and distracting, especially if players wish to focus on the game’s story or on completing other objectives.

Tomb Raider GPS Caches List

Coastal Forest – 5 GPS Caches

Mountain Temple – 2 GPS Caches

Mountain Village – 15 GPS Caches

Base Approach – 2 GPS Caches

Mountain Base – 2 GPS Caches

Base Exterior – 1 GPS Cache

Shantytown – 15 GPS Caches

Summit Forest – 5 GPS Caches

Geothermal Caverns – 5 GPS Caches

Research Base – 3 GPS Caches

Shipwreck Beach – 15 GPS Caches

Cliffside Bunker – 5 GPS Caches


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