The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Walkthrough

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Walkthrough – Act 1 – Unbound

Unbound is the first main quest in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and it starts after you create your character and after the attack of the dragon on the city of Helgen.

The dragon’s attack helped you survive the execution; however, now you have to escape the dragon.

During the Unbound quests and before it , you will several characters including: Alduin, Elenwen, General Tullius, Gunjar, Gunnar, Hadvar, Haming, an Imperial Captain, an Imperial Soldier, Ingrid, Lokir, Matlara, Priestess of Arkay, Ralof, a Stormcloak Soldier, a Thalmor Soldier, Torolf, a Torturer, the Torturer’s Assistant, Ulfric Stormcloak and Vilod.

The action takes place in Helgen, and the quest begins when you receive your first objective:

Objective 1: Make your way to the Keep

The city is under attack, but you will hear Ralof asking you to follow him. Ralof is marked by a white arrow. Since your hands are tied together, there is not much you can do.

Follow Ralof until you reach the Keep and group with Ulfric Stormcloak.

Ralof will ask you to follow him up the stairs. When you reach the second floor, a wall on the right will crash.

Jump through the hole in the wall and then go down on the streets.

When you reach the street, you will see Hadvar trying to protect a boy. He instructs you to follow him.

When you and Hadvar reach the Keep, Ralof joins you and here you must make your first decision, because both characters ask you to join them.

TIP: At this point, the main quest divides in two, however the route is the same, but the enemies are different. Additionally, your decision will change your companion during the next quest. Pick one character and continue. We decided to follow Ralof.

Objective 2: Escape Helgen

Enter the keep with Ralof and he will cut your ropes. He will ask you to pick-up Gunjar’s weapons and equipment and arm yourself. Search Gunjar’s body and you will pick up the following items: Iron War Axe, Fur Boots and a Stormcloak Cuirass.

Equip them and get ready.

Ralof will inspect two doors and you will be attacked by two Imperials. One of them is an Imperial Captain.

Draw your weapons and kill them, then loot their bodies. If you wish, you can equip the items you pick up, but don’t forget to search the Captain’s corpse to get the Keep key.

Unlock the door and continue.

Eventually you will see the roof collapsing in front of you and you will have to go left. In the next room, you have to kill two enemies.

Take them down and then you will be asked to search some barrels for potions. This is an optional quest but you should complete it.

Look around and search every barrel and shelf, then go back and follow Ralof, until you reach the torture chamber.

Join the fight between the torturers and the Stormcloaks, then look around and approach the table. Pick up the items you find in the knapsack, take the Book of the Dragonborn and any useful weapons you find.

One of your companions will inform you that inside a cage is a mage, but the cage is locked. You will receive another optional quest.

Practice your lockpicking skill and open the marked cage, then loot the corpse. You will find a Spell Tome and the mage’s equipment. Exit the room following your allies.

When you leave this chamber, you should own the following items: The Book of the Dragonborn, Spell Tome: Sparks, 12 Lockpicks, Novice Hood, Novice Robes, and everything else you picked up.

During the next phase, you have to follow your allies, as they will guide you through the dungeons; however make sure you stay alert because you will encounter many enemies. Don’t worry about your companion, just focus on your attackers.

You can use several methods to dispatch the archers that attack you, but these methods depend on your character. You can set them on fire, you can use sparks or you can simply grab a bow from the ground and take them out.

Don’t forget to loot their bodies before leaving the chamber because when you do, you will enter a tunnel and the roof will collapse behind you.

Eventually, you will reach an underground river and you will see a skeleton on the ground. Loot him and take its purse, then continue until you reach an area where six Frostbite Spiders attack you. The best method to kill them is to use ranged weapons to weaken them, then melee attacks to take them out.

Follow your ally and you will see him crouching in front of you. You will also notice a bear sleeping, and at this point, you have two choices. You can sneak and ignore the bear, or you can kill the beast. In both cases, you have to reach the tunnel you see to the left.

If you decide to kill the bear, your ally will give you a bow and several arrows. Make sure you fire at least three arrows before the bear reaches you, and then use your melee attacks to end the fight.

As a Wood Elf, you can use your racial power (Command Animal) to convert the bear into an ally.

After the fight, go left and you will see the light at the end of the tunnel, which means the exit is near.

Go out and the first main quest ends, but the second, called Before the Storm, is about to begin.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Walkthrough
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