The Cursed Crusade Game Guide: Finishing Moves, Fighting Techniques and Weapons List

The Cursed Crusade Video Game Details

Genre: Action-Adventure

Developed by: Kylotonn

Published by: dtp entertainment AG, Atlus, Ubisoft

Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC

Release date(s): October 7, 2011 (NA)/October 25, 2011 (EU)

Released on October 7, 2011 in Europe, The Cursed Crusade is an action-adventure role-playing video game developed by Kylotonn Games for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The title was rated M for Mature, and it was published by dtp entertainment AG, while the publisher of the NTSC version is Atlus.

In the game, the player assumes the role of a young templar, named Denz de Bayle, who lost everything when his father died during the Third Crusade. Denz joins the Templars, hoping to find out how his father died, and eventually reclaim his lost possessions.

The player controls the main character from a third-person perspective, or he can switch to a first-person perspective but only when Denz is equipped with a bow or a crossbow.

One of the game’s unique aspects is the variety of weapons that can be used to defeat the enemies. Denz is capable to pick-up all weapons dropped by his downed enemies and use them in various combinations. For example, he can use two maces, or a mace combined with an axe or with a shield, and for each combination he can perform different moves and attacks.

The guide below reveals the list of weapons featured in The Cursed Crusade and some attacks that can be learned; however players should know that some special attacks must be unlocked. To unlock an attack in The Cursed Crusade, players need technique points which may be earned by completing missions.

Since The Cursed Crusade is a video game divided in missions (stages), the player can purchase new technique points, only when a mission ends. After each stage, players will receive a score, based on the character’s performance, the amount of enemies defeated or the secret items collected; and for each score, a number of technique points is awarded.

Another important feature is that some combos can be unlocked only by picking up the required weapons, and will remain unlocked until the end of the game, even if the weapons equipped are destroyed in a battle.

Finishing Moves, Fighting Techniques and Weapons List

NOTE: All moves have been extracted from the game, while playing on Xbox 360. Because of this, PlayStation 3 owners must replace all keys, as follows:

  • X (on Xbox 360) = Square (on PS3)
  • Y (on Xbox 360) = Triangle (on PS3)
  • A (on Xbox 360) = X (on PS3)
  • B (on Xbox 360) = Circle (on PS3)

The Cursed Crusade Two-Handed Sword Finishing Moves, Combos and Techniques

Great Blade – Heavy Attack – Press: X
Precision Strike – Heavy Attack – Press: XX
Chalice Breaker – Light Attack – Press: XXX
Blood Rain – Heavy Attack – Press: XXXY
Body Wrack – Light Attack – Press: XXXYY
Entrails Flayer – Medium Attack – Press: XXY
Impaler – Medium Attack – Press: XXYY
Headhunter – Heavy Attack – Press: XXYYX
Lethal Feint – Medium Attack – Press: XX
Flat of the Blade -Press: XX, , B
Pommel Shock -¨Press: B
Vertical Great Blade – Medium Attack – Press: Y
Stone Scraper – Light Attack – Press: YX
Iron Sharp Edge – Light Attack – Press: YXX
Heavy Dagger – Medium Attack – Press: YXXY
Noble’s Strike – Medium Attack – Press: YY
Moonless Night – Medium Attack – Press: YYX
Greave Shredder – Light Attack – Press: YYXX
Grim Reaper – Medium Attack – Press: YYXXY
Bereavement – Medium Attack – Press: YYXXYY
Sucker Punch – Medium Attack – Press: YYY
Calculated Bow – Heavy Attack – Press: YYYX
Vengeance – Press: YYYXB
Hero’s Death – Medium Attack – Press: YYYY
Black Widow – Heavy Attack – Press: YYYYX
Anathema – Medium Attack – Press: YYYYXY

The Cursed Crusade One-Handed Sword Finishing Moves, Combos and Techniques

Horizontal Blade – Heavy Attack – Press: X
Iron Backhand – Heavy Attack – Press: XX
Whirling Death – Heavy Attack – Press: XXX
Fatal Slice – Heavy Attack – Press: XXXX
Heartbreak – Medium Attack – Press: XXXXY
Cutting Stroke – Medium Attack – Press: XXXY
Hilt Bash – Press: XXXB
Shoulder Slice – Medium Attack – Press: XXY
Brutal Pommel – Press: XXB
Long Pierce – Heavy Attack – Press: XY
Debilitator – Light Attack – Press: XYX
Secret of Steel – Medium Attack – Press: XYXY
Vertical Blade – Heavy Attack – Press: Y
Quick Backhand – Heavy Attack – Press: YX
Reaper – Light Attack – Press: YXX
Leaping Strike – Press: YXB
Vertical Backhand – Heavy Attack – Press: YY
Heavy Slice – Medium Attack – Press: YYX
Throat Slash – Medium Attack – Press: YYXX
Scar Maker – Light Attack – Press: YYXY
Rising Kick – Press: YYB
Brutal Kick – Press: B

The Cursed Crusade One-Handed Axe Finishing Moves, Combos and Techniques

Axe Cleave – Heavy Attack – Press: X
Strong Backhand – Medium Attack – Press: XX
Mercy Strike – Light Attack – Press: XXX
Wood Cleaver – Light Attack – Press: XXXX
Armageddon – Medium Attack – Press: XXXXY
Slaughterer – Heavy Attack – Press: XXY
Trunk Slicer – Light Attack – Press: XXYX
Stone Rend – Light Attack – Press: XXYXY
Woodsman Strike – Medium Attack – Press: XY
Marauder Strike – Heavy Attack – Press: XYY
Vicious Fang – Light Attack – Press: XYYY
Vertical Cleave – Medium Attack – Press: Y
Decapitator – Heavy Attack – Press: YX
Artery Slice – Light Attack – Press: YXX
Blood Bath – Heavy Attack – Press: YXXY
Valiant Strike – Heavy Attack – Press: YY
Tendon Cleaver – Light Attack – Press: YYY
Disemboweler – Medium Attack – Press: YYYX
Bark Flyer – Medium Attack – Press: YYYXX
Flash Shredder – Heavy Attack – Press: YYYY
Sepulture – Medium Attack – Press: YYYYX
Knob Bash – Press: B

The Cursed Crusade Mace Finishing Moves, Combos and Techniques

Mace Bash – Heavy Attack – Press: X
Teeth Breaker – Heavy Attack – Press: XX
Knee Breaker – Light Attack – Press: XXX
Stone Splitter – Heavy Attack – Press: XXXX
Trephining – Medium Attack – Press: XXXXY
Lead Backhand – Medium Attack – Press: XXY
Bone Duster – Press: XXB
Grinding Strike – Medium Attack – Press: XY
High Backhand – Medium Attack – Press: XYX
Stunning Bash – Press: B
Vertical Mace Bash – Heavy Attack – Press: Y
Greave Bucker – Light Attack – Press: YX
Skull Crusher – Heavy Attack – Press: YXX
Lower Strike – Light Attack – Press: YXXX
Iron Twister – Medium Attack – Press: YXY
Ankle Taker – Medium Attack – Press: YXYX
Boot Breaker – Light Attack – Press: YY
Dark Ascension – Medium Attack – Press: YYY
Implacable – Press: YYYB

The Cursed Crusade Double Sword Finishing Moves, Combos and Techniques

Dual Blades – Medium Attack – Press: X
Double Cut – Heavy Attack – Press: XX
Mass Grave – Heavy Attack – Press: XXX
Razor Waltz – Medium Attack – Press: XXXX
Cavity Pierce – Medium Attack – Press: XXXXY
Martydrom – Medium Attack – Press: XXXXYY
Grand Cross – Medium Attack – Press: XXXY
Dire Shear – Medium Attack – Press: XXXYY
Furious Rush – Medium Attack – Press: XXY
Sepulchral Lay – Medium Attack – Press: XXYY
Pass of Arms – Medium Attack – Press: XY
Meat Cleaver – Medium Attack – Press: XYY
Resounding Blow – Press: XYB
Vertical Blades – Heavy Attack – Press: Y
Double Slash – Light Attack – Press: YX
Parallel Slice – Heavy Attack – Press: YXX
Cruel Joust – Press: YXXB
Heavy Impact – Press: YXB
Dual Backhand – Medium Attack – Press: YY
Blood Moon – Medium Attack – Press: YYX
Madman’s Flay – Medium Attack – Press: YYXX
Heavy Cut – Medium Attack – Press: YYY
Heart Burst – Medium Attack – Press: YYYY
Blood Cross – Heavy Attack – Press: YYYYX
Requiem – Light Attack – Press: YYYYXY
Guard’s Charge – Press: B

The Cursed Crusade Double Axe Finishing Moves, Combos and Techniques

Dual Axes – Heavy Attack – Press: X
Double Backhand – Medium Attack – Press: XX
Paunch Ripper – Medium Attack – Press: XXX
Stone Shearer – Light Attack – Press: XXXX
Torment – Light Attack – Press: XXXXY
Salvation – Medium Attack – Press: XXXXYX
Wheeling Nail – Medium Attack – Press: XXXY
Macabre Lay – Medium Attack – Press: XXXYY
Malediction – Light Attack – Press: XXXYYY
Implacable Leap – Light Attack – Press: XXY
Steel Fountain – Heavy Attack – Press: X,Y
Funeral Dirge – Heavy Attack – Press: X,Y,Y
Lethal Volte – Medium Attack – Press: X,Y,YX
Blinding Strike – Press: X,YB
Vertical Axes – Heavy Attack – Press: Y
Twin Cut – Heavy Attack – Press: YY
Double Scar – Heavy Attack – Press: YYX
Strappado – Medium Attack – Press: YYXX
Flesh Notch – Medium Attack – Press: YYXY
Soul Rend – Heavy Attack – Press: YYXYX
Dark Virelai – Light Attack – Press: YYXYY
Parallel Furrows – Heavy Attack – Press: YYY
Justified Pain – Press: YYB
Iron Fists – Press: B

The Cursed Crusade Sword and Shield Finishing Moves, Combos and Techniques

Shielded Blade – Heavy Attack – Press: X
Metal Squall – Heavy Attack – Press: XX
Triple Slash – Medium Attack – Press: XXX
Twisting Ruin – Light Attack – Press: XXXX
Fatal Coda – Light Attack – Press: XXXXY
Glorious Charge – Light Attack – Press: XXXY
Metal Assault – Press: XXXB
Heroic Charge – Medium Attack – Press: XXY
Frontal Assault – Press: XXB
Brutal Extension – Medium Attack – Press: XY
Low Strike – Light Attack – Press: XYX
Castrate’s Lay – Medium Attack – Press: XYXY
Thrusting Blade – Medium Attack – Press: Y
King’s Rampart – Medium Attack – Press: YX
Bestial Fang – Medium Attack – Press: YXX
Shield Bash – Press: YXB
Hero’s Valor – Medium Attack – Press: YY
Cross Slash – Medium Attack – Press: YYY
Iron Lightning – Light Attack – Press: YYYX
Sacrifice – Press: YYYXB
Stone Club – Press: YYB
Shield Rush – Press: B

The Cursed Crusade Axe and Shield Finishing Moves, Combos and Techniques

Shielded Axe Cleave – Medium Attack – Press: X
Inferno Axe – Medium Attack – Press: XX
Stained Blade – Medium Attack – Press: XXX
Wing Slash – Medium Attack – Press: XXXX
Nightmare – Light Attack – Press: XXXXY
Absolution – Light Attack – Press: XXXXYY
Mercy’s End – Medium Attack – Press: XXXY
Veiled Virtue – Medium Attack – Press: XXXYX
Bloody Gash – Medium Attack – Press: XXY
Heavy Slash – Medium Attack – Press: XXYX
Blind Terror – Medium Attack – Press: XXYXY
Bloody Horizon – Heavy Attack – Press: XY
Defiler – Heavy Attack – Press: XYY
Saw Mill – Light Attack – Press: XYYY
Thrusting Axe – Medium Attack – Press: Y
Violent Quarrel – Heavy Attack – Press: YY
Sever Strike – Heavy Attack – Press: YYX
Black Rider – Medium Attack – Press: YYXX
Crusader Wrath – Medium Attack – Press: YYYX
Red Harvest – Heavy Attack – Press: YYYY
Iron Maiden – Heavy Attack – Press: YYYYX
Sanctimony – Light Attack – Press: YYYYXX

The Cursed Crusade Spear Finishing Moves, Combos and Techniques

Horizontal Lance – Heavy Attack – Press: X
Proficient Attack – Heavy Attack – Press: XX
Brutal Assault – Heavy Attack – Press: XXX
Double Spiral – Medium Attack – Press: XXXX
Chaotic Fire – Heavy Attack – Press: XXXXY
Cursed Nights – Medium Attack – Press: XXY
Blind Shock – Heavy Attack – Press: XXYY
Spirit Spoils – Light Attack – Press: XXYYX
Damnation – Light Attack – Press: XXYYXX
Slip Blade – Medium Attack – Press: XY
Harpoon – Medium Attack – Press: XYY
Brutal Reaver – Press: XYYB
Vertical Lance – Medium Attack – Press: Y
Arc Rise Lance – Medium Attack – Press: YY
Fulguration – Heavy Attack – Press: YYY
Punishment – Light Attack – Press: YYYX
Dark Prince – Medium Attack – Press: YYYXX
Expiation – Medium Attack – Press: YYYXXX
Lance Bash – Press: B

The Cursed Crusade Two-Handed Axe Moves, Combos and Techniques

Great Axe Cleave – Heavy Attack – Press: X
Cutting Strike – Heavy Attack – Press: XX
Maiming Blow – Light Attack – Press: XXX
Sacrilege – Heavy Attack – Press: XXXX
Cleaver – Heavy Attack – Press: XXXXX
Slaughter – Heavy Attack – Press: XXXXY
Lament – Light Attack – Press: XXXXYY
Reckless Surge – Light Attack – Press: XXY
Dark Zeal – Light Attack – Press: XXYX
Ardent Force – Heavy Attack – Press: XXYXX
Tenderizer – Medium Attack – Press: XY
Unjust Crusade – Medium Attack – Press: XYX
Ventral Cut – Medium Attack – Press: XYXY
Dissection – Light Attack – Press: XYXYY
Odin’s Ire – Light Attack – Press: XYXYB
Vertical Great Axe – Medium Attack – Press: Y
Death Grip – Medium Attack – Press: YX
High Strike – Heavy Attack – Press: YXY
Iron Ram – Medium Attack – Press: YXYY
Wild Abandon – Heavy Attack – Press: YXYYX
Heresy – Medium Attack – Press: YXYYXX
Great Axe Thrust – Press: B

The Cursed Crusade Double Mace Moves, Combos and Techniques

Double Mace Bash – Heavy Attack – Press: X
Twin Mace Bash – Heavy Attack – Press: XX
Spiked Globes – Heavy Attack – Press: XXX
Hammer Fall – Medium Attack – Press: XXXX
Avalanche – Light Attack – Press: XXXXX
Bone Sunder – Light Attack – Press: XXY
Mauling Maces – Heavy Attack – Press: XXYY
Mutilator – Heavy Attack – Press: XY
Short Strike – Heavy Attack – Press: XYY
Unified Force – Press: XYB
Vertical Maces – Heavy Attack – Press: Y
Two-Fold Maces – Heavy Attack – Press: YY
Metal Hail – Heavy Attack – Press: YYX
Vile Hammers -Press: YYXB
Clavicle Breaker – Medium Attack – Press: YYY
Grisly Beating – Medium Attack – Press: YYYX
Profane Maul – Light Attack – Press: YYYXX
Brutal Push – Light Attack – Press: B

The Cursed Crusade Sword and Axe Moves, Combos and Techniques

Axe Blade – Heavy Attack – Press: X
Hunt Blow – Heavy Attack – Press: XX
Steel Whirlwind – Heavy Attack – Press: XXX
False Templar – Heavy Attack – Press: XXY
Iron Onslaught – Press: B
Axe Blade Cleave – Heavy Attack – Press: Y
Knee Cutter – Light Attack – Press: YX
Dual Cut – Light Attack – Press: YXX
Brutal Backhand – Medium Attack – Press: YY
Forced Strike – Medium Attack – Press: YYX
Butcher’s Strike – Medium Attack – Press: YYY

The Cursed Crusade Sword and Mace Moves, Combos and Techniques

Blade Bash – Heavy Attack – Press: X
Heavy Backhand – Heavy Attack – Press: XX
Inverted Furrows – Heavy Attack – Press: XXX
Executor Strike – Medium Attack – Press: XXY
Pole Attack – Press: B
Vertical Blade Bash – Medium Attack – Press: Y
Left Hook – Heavy Attack – Press: YX
Baroque Murder – Medium Attack – Press: YXX
Gut Desecrator – Medium Attack – Press: YYY
Twin Thrust – Heavy Attack – Press: YY
Clean Cut – Medium Attack – Press: YYX
Piercing Thrust – HEavy Attack – Press: YYY

The Cursed Crusade Axe and Mace Moves, Combos and Techniques

Bashing Axe – Heavy Attack – Press: X
Lethal Backhand – Heavy Attack – Press: XX
Final Crusade – Heavy Attack – Press: XXX
Maiming Attack – Heavy Attack – Press: XXY
Shaft Knock – Press: B
Vertical Axe Bash – Heavy Attack – Press: Y
Double Attack – Heavy Attack – Press: YY
Grim Redemption – Heavy Attack – Press: YYX
Triple Assault – Medium Attack – Press: YYY

The Cursed Crusade Mace and Shield Moves, Combos and Techniques

Shielded Mace – Heavy Attack – Press: X
Double Strike – Heavy Attack – Press: XX
Scarlet Flower – Heavy Attack – Press: XXX
Dazing Strike – Press: XXB
Forehead Crusher – Heavy Attack – Press: XY
Final Touch – Heavy Attack – Press: XYX
Shaft Knock – Press: B
Thrusting Mace – Medium Attack – Press: Y
Vicious Swipe – Light Attack – Press: YX
Chin Splitter – Heavy Attack – Press: YXX
Crossed Rise – Medium Attack – Press: YY
Hammer Bash – Heavy Attack – Press: YYY

The Cursed Crusade Spear and Shield Moves, Combos and Techniques

Shielded Lance – Medium Attack – Press: X
Spear Backhand – Heavy Attack – Press: XX
Skewer – Medium Attack – Press: XXY
Shield Shock – Press: XXB
Shield Strike – Press: B
Thrusting Lance – Heavy Attack – Press: Y
Pivot Strike – Light Attack – Press: YX
Feint Thrust – Light Attack – Press: YXX
Double Thrust – Heavy Attack – Press: YY
Tearing Blow – Medium Attack – Press: YYX
Dark Pilgrim – Press: YYXB
Achilles Thrust – Heavy Attack – Press: YYY

The Cursed Crusade Teaser Trailer

See the teaser trailer for The Cursed Crusade.

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