The Amazing Spider-Man Collectibles Guide

The Amazing Spider-Man Chapter 3 Collectibles Guide

In the third chapter of The Amazing Spider-Man, we can locate and collect up to 24 indoor pick-ups.

The Amazing Spider-Man Chapter 3: In the Shadow of Evil Past, is longer than the previous chapter and features and increased number of collectibles.

The following Amazing Spider-Man Chapter 3 collectibles’ guide reveals all of them, offering additional information help players who wish to find them.

In order to collect all Amazing Spider-Man Chapter 3 pick-ups in a single playthrough, we have to remember to respect the same order as the one provided in the guide below.

If we do, we will get a 100% completion rate without having to replay the third chapter.

Chapter 3 Description

“Using Spider-Tracers, Spider-Man has accessed the police dispatch network and can pinpoint crimes occurring around Manhattan.

But more importantly, Spidey needs to retrieve Connors’ research at the Oscorp Archives, which looks totally abandoned from the outside. What can possible go wrong?”

Collectibles Guide

Number of Indoor Collectables/Pick-Ups:  24

Magazines:  8

Oscorp Manuals: 5

Tech Pieces: 8

Photos: 1

Audio Evidence:  2

First Tech Piece

When we start this chapter, after we Stealth-Takedown the first guard, in front of us, near a barrel, to the left is the first Chapter 3 indoor pick-up.

It is the first Tech Piece. We take it and advance.

First Magazine

In the next area, after we kill the guards using the suspended crate, we jump on the yellow pillar above us, and notice a collectible, behind the fence, that separates the next chamber.

It is in the right corner, while facing the next room.

First Oscorp Security Manual

In the next room, after we kill all guards, we check the left side, and on the ground, next to a large brown container, we can find the first Oscorp Security Manual in The Amazing Spider-Man Chapter 3.

We pick it up, and then create an exit point using the suspended crate.

Second Oscorp Security Manual

Moments later, as we follow the cargo, we will reach a small hallway, where we can take out two guards.

We clear the area, and then we search the right side of the hallway, under the ventilation system we use to continue our chase. On the ground we see the second Oscorp Security Manual.We enter the tunnel and press forward to find the next collectible.

First Audio Evidence

When we exit the next tunnel, we enter the one we see in front of us, and inside we will find the next collectible, which is the first audio evidence.

We continue to follow the tunnel and exit on the other side.We clear the room and advance to the next one, where more guards await.

Second Tech Piece

After we clear the next area, using the environment in our advantage, we can locate two additional collectables. The first one is near the yellow crates we jumped on, earlier.

It’s in a corner but it can be spotted faster if we climb the crates on the other side of the room.

While standing on them we can see the Second Tech Piece. The next collectible is nearby.

Third Tech Piece

While standing on the same crates we used to locate the previous collectible, we turn left and notice a chamber in the corner of the room.

We can’t enter it, but we can jump on the platform nearby. Next to the entrance, in the corner we locate the third Tech Piece in The Amazing Spider-Man Chapter 3. We pick it up, then advance to the next zone.

Second Magazine

When we reach the area mentioned above, we observe that it is a dead end. In order to advance we have to use another suspended crate. After we kill the guards, we check the left side of the room and between two piles of white crates we spot another collectible.

It is the second Amazing Spider-Man magazine in Chapter 3. We take it, and then we smash the window with the crate, and continue to advance.

Third Magazine

In the room where we meet Whitney, during the cutscene, we can see the next collectible. We watch the cutscene, and then take out the shielded soldier.

After we clear the area, we check the left side of the room, while facing the exit. On the ground, near the window is the third magazine.


We follow the next corridor and after we destroy a turret, Whitney appears again. We talk to her, and she asks to take a photo of a large crate.

On the crate we can see the Oscorp logo. In fact, this is a collectible, and it will award additional experience points. We follow Whitney’s orders and continue to advance.

Second Audio Evidence

The next collectible in this chapter, can be found after we clear the next large area, and after Whitney opens the gate for us.

We return to the entrance and while standing under the balcony, facing the exit point (the door opened by Whitney) we can see a collectible, near the crates. It’s on the right side of the hall and it is the second and final audio evidence in this chapter.

Third Oscorp Security Manual

After we pick up the previous collectable, we check the left side of the same floor. Behind a large container, on the ground, we can see another glowing indoor pickup: the third Oscorp Security Manual.

We take it, but remain in the same area, or we will miss the next collectible.

Fourth Magazine

While facing the door opened by Whitney, we can notice a large gap that we must cross, in order to advance.

Above this gap is a suspended bridge.

If we check the right side of the hole (maintaining our position) we will spot another collectible, near the wall. It is the fourth magazine. We take it, then jump towards the exit, but we don’t leave the area.

Fourth Tech Piece

Next to the door opened by Whitney, on the left side we can see two piles of crates: white and yellow.

On them is another collectible:  the fourth Tech Piece.

We take it then leave the zone and enter a new hallway. It is important to follow the next steps to locate a new pick-up.

Fifth Tech Piece

When we leave the previous area, where we have found all collectibles, we will enter a new corridor. In front of us, a new door opens; however, to the left we see a ventilation tunnel.

We make sure we explore it first, because inside we can find the fifth Tech Piece.

If we continue to follow the tunnel we will also surprise the enemies in the next room.

Sixth Tech Piece

As we enter, we try to Silent Take-Down as many soldiers as we can. After we clear the area, we don’t interact with the console. Instead, we check the bottom floor.

In a corner, near a green tube containing oxygen (where the shielded soldier was located, we can observe a new Tech Piece. We take it, but remain in the same area.

Fifth Magazine

After we pick up the Tech Piece mentioned above, we swing to the other side of the area, and near the door we observe another collectible.

It is on the ground, to the left, while facing the said door and it is the fifth magazine.

We collect it, then we activate both consoles and proceed.

Fourth Oscorp Security Manual

After we help Whitney to open a new door, we follow her, and in the next passage, to the right, by the window we see a new indoor pick-up. It’s the fourth Oscorp Security Manual in Chapter 3.

We collect it as well, and then we continue to follow Whitney who was captured. When we reach the end of the passage, we will see a larger room and a furnace.

Seventh Tech Piece

In the room where the incinerator is located, we climb the balcony and look to the left. In the hole below us, if we face the furnace, we will spot a new pick-up.

It is the Seventh Tech Piece. We make sure that we avoid the electric bursts and the steam, and grab it quickly.

Now, we return to the same spot.

Sixth Magazine

While standing on the same balcony, if we look to the right (the the room where Whitney is being held), we will see another collectible.

It’s a new magazine we have to collect. After we pick it up, we enter the room using the window above.

Eighth Tech Piece

The next collectable can be collected after we protect Whitney. When the fight is over, our objective will be to carry her out; however, it is important not to approach her.

Instead, we check all rooms opened by the guards, especially the one behind the furnace.

In the left corner, as we enter, we will see the final Tech Piece in Amazing Spider-Man Chapter 3. We take it, and then return to Whitney.

Fifth Oscorp Security Manual

After we grab Whitney, we will have to advance through a corridor that takes us to a warehouse.

When we enter the said area, we turn left, and on the ground, in a corner we can locate the Fifth Oscorp Security Manual.

We pick this one, but remain inside the warehouse and on the ground.

Seventh Magazine

As soon as we find the last Oscorp Security Manual we explore the ground level.

If we check the left side of the warehouse,  we will notice another collectable. The seventh magazine in Chapter 3.

We make sure we collect it, and then we begin to ascend the crates toward the exit point.

Eighth Magazine

The final magazine and collectible in The Amazing Spider-Man Chapter 3 is on top of the crates, just before we reach the exit point, which in this case is the upper balcony inside the warehouse.

We can find it very fast, and after we collect it, the completion rate should be 100%, assuming that we have found all collectibles mentioned above. Chapter 4 also features a series of collectibles that must be found.

The Amazing Spider-Man Collectibles Guide
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