Spec Ops: The Line Intel Collectibles Guide

Spec Ops: The Line Chapter 2 Intel Collectables Locations

The second Spec Ops: The Line chapter, named The Dune, also includes two Intel collectables that can be found by those who have reached this stage.

In Spec Ops: The Line Chapter 2, the first Intel item is the Radioman Tape –- Welcome to Dubai, and the second Intelligence item is the Sandstorm Cover-Up.

Below, fans of the game can find their exact locations; however, to collect them both in a single Spec Ops: The Line playthrough, players must respect the same order as the one as the one described in the game guide.

Chapter 2 Description

“The men of the Damned 33rd are still alive in Dubai. Delta Squad presses on in an attempt to rescue a kidnapped soldier.”

Number of Intel Collectables: 2

First Intel Collectable

The first Intel collectible in the second chapter of Spec Ops: The Line can be found in the starting area.

We can observe, that the second chapter starts on a helipad, and to the left is a blue umbrella. The umbrella marks the position of an Intel which is in fact a brown bag with a smiley face on it.

This specific Intel is a tape (Radioman Tape -– Welcome to Dubai), but we can’t retrieve it, unless we kill the terrorists standing at the edge of the platform below us.

Because of this, we take them out first, and then we return to pick up the Radioman Tape collectable.

After we get the Intel, we can jump down and continue towards our objective.

Second Intel Collectable

The second collectable in Chapter 2 of Spec Ops: The Line is harder to find, because of its dimensions.

We look for it, after we enter the Nest, and after we clear the bottom floor, which is a studio of a television.

After all enemies are dead, we descend the stairs (we can hear some music), and we turn right.

On the floor, between a desk and a recording camera, is a small black tape (Sandstorm Cover-Up).

We pick up the second Intel in Spec Ops: The Line Chapter 2 (The Dune) and we focus on our mission. Once finished we can start Chapter 3.

Spec Ops: The Line Intel Collectibles Guide
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