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SoulCalibur V Characters Guide: ZWEI

ZWEI is a member of the Schwarzwind Group, led by Siegfried, and also a SoulCalibur 5 playable character who debuts in SC 5, or Soul Calibur 5.

ZWEI is a tall man with a height of 182 cm and a weight of  81 kg.

His muscular body allows him to wield a big sword with three handles.

He has dark short hair, blue eyes and bronzed skin.He wears leather clothes with werewolf inscriptions and fur on his gloves and boots.

The large tattoo on his chest is a crescent moon.


Although his real name is unknown, he calls himself ZWEI and everyone seems to have got used to it. His birthplace and birthday are mysterious as well but he seems to be a 20 years old fighter.

Graf Dumas, king of Hungary, appears in ZWEI’s history as a cruel king whose goal was to find and assassinate all people related with the Evil Seed, the ones known as malfested.

In fact this hunt was only a cover to accuse and kill innocents.When ZWEI came and interfered with the king’s plans he became a hunted man, always running from Graf’s assassins.

He found and rescued Viola from the assassins and the two became fugitives.

Fortunately they came across the Schwarzwind group and Siegfried decided to let them join, with the condition that ZWEI would help finding a successor to wield Soul Calibur.

Weapons and Moves (Attacks)

He employs a self-taught combat style, his moves are short-ranged yet he has the unique ability to summon a wolf looking creature named E.I.N that fights by his side.

He is very skilled in using Kreuzgriff (his sword) .

In SoulCalibur V, ZWEI uses sentences such as “Don’t get me wrong, you’re good. But I was better”, and “Damn! What the hell am I doing?!”

The character is voiced by actor Matthew Mercer.

SoulCalibur V Characters Guide
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