SoulCalibur V Characters Guide

SoulCalibur V Characters Guide: Viola

Viola is a fortune teller who travels along ZWEI and a playable character in the Soul series of video games, since she debuts in SC 5 or SoulCalibur V.

The following SoulCalibur V game guide presents information about Viola in Soul Calibur 5, such as her weapons, history, moves, attacks and combos.


Featuring shoulder length white curly hair, and red eyes is how Viola appears in SoulCalibur V.

The purple dress she wears has a slightly resemblance to Amy’s dress from SoulCalibur IV.

The gothic inspiration of her clothes is clearly seen on her stockings, as those have a cobweb design. Viola also wears a cape that covers her head and shoulders, and four claw looking cutting blades on her left hand fingers.

Because she suffers from amnesia, Viola can’t remember anything about her past or her birthplace.

This fortuneteller always traveled from town to town, as her occupation is dangerous especially when the truth is told.

Using her crystal ball, Viola from SC5 was capable to see deep inside the souls of her clients. She tells people only what they want to hear and she is unable to understand them as other people seem unreal to her.

When ZWEI found and told her that their souls were similar, Viola decided to stay by his side. They traveled together for some time until Viola’s memories returned.

Weapons and Moves (Attacks)

Using the Ars Planetarum style, Viola controls the so called Quattuor Orbis (a magical Orb that attacks her opponent).

The Orb can be placed anywhere on the stage and when called by Viola. the magical globe returns to her hitting the opponent.

When fighting in hand to hand combat, her range is reduced and the damage produced on enemies is not influenced by the claws she wears on her fingers.

SoulCalibur V Characters Guide
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