SoulCalibur V Characters Guide

SoulCalibur V Characters Guide: Siegfried Schtauffen

Siegfried Schtauffen, a Holy Roman Knight, is the main character in the Soul series of video games and he appears in all titles of the franchise.


In Soul Edge, young Siegfried became the leader of Schearzwind a band of thieves. One night, Siegfried led his men in a fight against a group of knights where he killed his own father, Frederick.

Overwhelmed by guilt, Siegfried got to an insanity point where he actually believed that someone else was responsible for the death of his beloved parent.

Rumors about a powerful sword known as Soul Edge reached Siegfried’s ears and his expedition in search of the sword, soon started.

Wielding Faust, a two-handed sword, Siegfried Schtauffen came across the legendary Soul Edge but had to fight against Inferno in order to get it. The Evil Seed then spread across the world making Seigfried to cede to the Soul Edge’s powers becoming Nightmare.

Saved from the Evil Seed, in SoulCalibur Legends, Siegfried accepted the Emperor’s request to annihilate Barbaros and his army, starting a new journey accompanied by Iska Farkas.

Helped by Sophitia, AstarothMitsurugi, Taki and Lloyd Irving, Siegfried managed to defeat Barbaros and claimed the Soul Calibur sword from him. Siegfried also killed Iska because he tried to run away with both swords.

The Roman Knight managed to stay away from the curse several years, but yielded once more to the Azure Armor in SoulCalibur II. In a battle against Raphael Sorel, Siegfried was freed because of the damages caused to Soul Edge.

After destroying Soul Edge in SoulCalibur III, Siegfried fought his own mind and soul in SoulCalibur IV. He tried to resist the evil within his soul seeking forgiveness for all his sins.

Siegfried enjoyed some peaceful years, but he knew that the battle with those willing to have Soul Edge’s powers was not over, and that he could not stop them alone, so he decided to assemble his old team into a group of mercenaries to help him.

Weapons and Moves (Attacks)

A clear sign of Soul Edge’s return were the changes Siegfried’s sword experimented, transforming from a two-handed sword into a single-handed one.

The time to pass the task of keeping humanity safe had come and Siegfried Schtauffen finally assigned this task to a new member of the clan he rules, a fighter called Z.W.E.I.

SoulCalibur V Characters Guide
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