SoulCalibur V Characters Guide

SoulCalibur V Characters Guide: Isabela Ivy Valentine

Ivy Valentine, is a character in the Soul series of fighting video games, and she appears in SoulCalibur, SoulCalibur 2, SoulCalibur 3, SoulCalibur Legends, SoulCalibur: Broken Destiny, SoulCalibur 4 and SoulCalibur 5.


Ivy was adopted by the Valentines when she was just a baby and discovered this secret after her adoptive mother died.

Knowing that Soul Edge was responsible for the death of her adoptive father, Isabela started to study alchemy to investigate the evil sword. After discovering that Soul Edge was all about consuming souls, Ivy gave life to her sword “Ivy Blade” through occult rituals.

In her journey to find and destroy Soul Edge, Ivy Valentine came across Nightmare and agreed to assist him without knowing he was the one in possession of the Soul Edge, and the one who gave life to her sword as well.

It was after Nightmare’s defeat when Ivy discovered that her real father once wielded the cursed sword, and that Eric Valentine, her adoptive father, was driven insane by the sword’s evil powers.

Ivy’s plans changed after those events. She would now try to vanish all of Soul Edge’s existence by finding and destroying all its lost fragments.

Isabela “Ivy” Valentine departed on a new quest, in which she would try to destroy everyone and every piece related to Soul Edge and its evil seed.

In SoulCalibur IV, Ivy lost part of her soul after fighting against her birth father Cervantes, but she managed to stay alive using an artificial soul and continued the quest of freeing herself from the evil lineage.

At the end of SoulCalibur IV, Isabela finally defeated Cervantes.

Weapons and Moves (Attacks)

In SoulCalibur V, the annihilation of the evil roots is still the main goal for Ivy Valentine. Her body hasn’t aged because of the evil blood that runs through her veins.

Even though she is considered to be an evil character, Ivy’s wish is to free herself from the cursed life she lived until now.

SoulCalibur V Characters Guide
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