SoulCalibur V Characters Guide

SoulCalibur V Characters Guide: Astaroth

Astaroth, a playable character in the Soul series of video games, debuted in SoulCalibur.

This powerful golem also appears in SoulCalibur II, SoulCalibur III, SoulCalibur Legends, SoulCalibur IV and SoulCalibur: Broken Destiny, and he can be accessed in SoulCalibur 5 as well


Kunpeatku (a priest who served the Fygul Cestemus cult) created Astaroth and ordered him to find Soul Edge, as this was Ares’s will.

By the time Astaroth found Soul Edge, the sword was in bad condition so he decided not to take it to Ares, and agreed to stay and help Nightmare to reestablish the power of Soul Edge.

Time had passed and the golem was ready to steal the blade from Nightmare, but he was killed when Maxi, Kilik and Xianghua attacked the Castle.

Brought back to life by Ares, Astaroth had the same task of finding the evil blade, only now he was following Soul Edge’s commands because of the fragments from the sword used for his resurrection.

Considering his initial creator, priest Kunpeatku, a threat, Astaroth went to the temple and destroyed it.

While inside the temple, the golem learned that he was just a marionette sculpted after the White Giant.

The priest succeeded to escape the temple, but was killed later by Maxi.

With a new objective set, Astaroth started to search the White Giant in order to kill him.

This fact would make the golem unique, but when the two met, Astaroth understood that he was in fact Ares’s servant, and went insane.

Desperate to find more souls, Astaroth agreed to rejoin Tira and fulfill Nightmare’s commands.

Weapons and Moves (Attacks)

Because of his height of over two meters and his weight of over 400 lbs, he can be a bit slow in combat yet his attacks can be devastating.

Astaroth’s weapon is a Giant Axe named Kulutues and his fighting style is the Gyulkus.

SoulCalibur V Characters Guide
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