Sleeping Dogs Cheats and Trainers

Sleeping Dogs Cheats and Trainers

On September 10, 2012, published a new Sleeping Dogs trainer for version 1.5, with the purpose of helping players who wish to trick the game, by activating 12 different Sleeping Dogs cheats, including a cheat code for money and one for experience.

The Sleeping Dogs trainer can be downloaded for free and used while running the game; however, the program works only on PC and was tested on the cracked version of the game.

The following Sleeping Dogs game guide explains how to use the mega-trainer and how to activate all Seeping Dogs cheats during the game.

Developed by United Front Games for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC Sleeping Dogs is one of the most anticipated video games of 2012; and it was announced in 2009 as True Crime: Hong Kong.

The name changed in 2012, when Square Enix decided not to purchase the rights over the True Crime franchise.

The action in Sleeping Dogs takes place in Hong Kong, where Officer Wei Shen must infiltrate the Triads and terminate one of the most important organizations, known as Sun On Yee.

As a police officer, Wei Shen must demonstrate his loyalty to Sun On Yee, without compromising his integrity as a cop; therefore, the video game features two different paths that can be followed. The first describes Shen’s progress within the Triads, while the second presents his commitment to the Hong Kong Police Force.

Sleeping Dogs is an open-world video game which allows players to fully explore the fictional city of Hong Kong. The game’s developers divided the city in four zones: North Point, Aberdeen, Kennedy Town and Central.

Each sub-area includes multiple side-missions as well as hidden collectibles: Health Shrines, Spy Cameras, Lock Boxes and Jade Statues.

After its official release, Sleeping Dogs received positive scores from critics and reviewers; gathering more than 80 points on Metacritic. On IGN, Sleeping Dogs obtained 8.5 points out of 10, and on GameSpot, 8/10.

Sleeping Dogs Trainers

While multiple websites offer trainers for Sleeping Dogs, the one that activates the cheat codes listed below, was developed for v1.5.

It is a free program that should be used at the player’s own risk, since some antivirus programs may report it as harmful.

Those who decide to try it and activate the Sleeping Dogs cheat codes will have to follow several steps:

Download the trainer from and save the Sleeping_Dogs_v1.5_Plus_10_Trainer.rar archive.

Extract all files included in the archive, and copy them into the game’s directory.

Run the trainer, and then start the game.

When the game starts, assuming that the trainer is compatible with the game’s version, press the following keys to trigger the corresponding Sleeping Dogs cheats, as they appear in the next list.

Sleeping Dogs Cheats

Numpad 1-Infinite health (God Mode)

Numpad 2-Infinite money

Numpad 3-Automatically fill the face meter

Numpad 4-Set notoriety to 0

Numpad 5-Set notoriety to maximum

Numpad 6-Set cop experience to maximum

Numpad 7-Set gang experience to maximum

Numpad 8-Set face experience to maximum

Numpad 9-Infinite ammo

Numpad +-Add 10.000 to the current amount of money

Numpad —Remove 10.000 from the current amount of money

Numpad .-Freeze cop experience

Home-Disable all Sleeping Dogs cheats

Sleeping Dogs Cheats and Trainers
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