Shadows of the Damned Walkthrough

Shadows of the Damned Walkthrough: 2-1 – Take me to Hell

In Shadows of the DamnedTake me to Hell is the first chapter of the second act. Garcia and his sidekick, a demon named Johnson, approach the Gates of Hell, looking for Fleming.

The game guide below explains how to complete this chapter faster. It is a full text guide for the first chapter featured in Shadows of the Damned.

Take me to Hell starts when Garcia Hotspur and Johnson reach the Underworld.

Move forward and try to open the large gate in front of you.

Tap RT (on Xbox 360) to close the door, during the quick-events scene.

Approach the gate again and open it.

Advance down the road, but make sure you check the right side, for a small entrance. Here you will find a chest.

Light the lamp, as Johnson instructs you.

When you reach the end of the road, get ready to fight some demons. They will appear behind you. Take them out and open the next gate.

Continue down the road and go left. Johnson will show you a door guarded by another demon, to the left.

Approach the door and try to open it. You will see a symbol, showing a strawberry, and Paula’s ghost appears. Follow the ghost all the way back, until you reach the entrance where you found the first chest.

Open the door and pick up the strawberry, then return to the door guarded by the demon.

Give the strawberry to the demon and enter the building. Follow the stairs to the right and pick up the bottles you see on the table. Jump through the window and open the door across the street.

Enter the building and pick up the items you find there, and then go out.

You will notice that everything around you gets darker, and Johnson will explain that the darkness has a negative effect over you. If you spend too much time in the Darkness you will die.

You must sprint back and use the Light Shot on the goat head on top of the first gate you opened. Hurry up otherwise Garcia dies.

After you light the goat head, turn back and open the next gate.

When you enter the next area, use the Light Shot on the lamp on the other side of the road, and the demons will flee. Look to the right, and you will see some stairs. Pick up the bottle on top of the stairs, and then continue down the main alley.

You will find more bottles that will help you during your journey. Pick them up.

When you reach the end of the road, the Darkness will cover the streets again. Make sure you reach the door on the right as soon as possible, and on the bottom floor you will see the goat head. Use the Light Shot on the head, and then go upstairs.

Take a look at the poster in front of you and pick up the bottles, then get ready for a fight.

Several demons will appear through the window. Make sure you fire Light Shots to disable the Darkness that covers them, and then use regular bullets to kill them.

You also have to fire a Light Shot through the window, but make sure you hit the goat head. Approach the window and jump, then follow Paula.

In the next area keep running until you reach the highlighted portal and you will be teleported back to the streets.

Fire a Light Shot at the lamp you see at the end of the road to the right and take out the masked demons.

Continue forward and then go left. Fire another Light Shot at the goat head you see in the darkness, then return to the starting point and follow the street on the right.

You will be attacked by several demons here, and some of them are ranged. Take them out while standing under the balcony and don’t waste your ammo. More demons will appear through a door that you must follow. Kill them too and pick up the red chest you see on the right side of the street.

Enter the next building and go through the door in front of you.

The next area is a small plaza, and to the left is a pub. You will also observe two locked gates. To open them you need a strawberry and an eye.

You will find the eye if you go downstairs, to the right, but it is protected by some demons. Kill them and pick up the item and the red gems. Give the eye to the demon that protects the first gate and pick up the strawberry.

Now, return and investigate the pub. Pick up the bottles you find there and make sure you spend some of the gems you gathered, on the drinks machine.

Go outside and open the next gate, using the strawberry. Cross the bridge and a large arm will pull you inside a labyrinth.

To survive the Darkness, you must pick up the human hearts inside the labyrinth. Make sure you move fast and try to reach the exit. It is a small labyrinth and you can’t get stuck as long as you pick up the glowing hearts.

When you reach the exit you will be teleported to another area. When you get there, make sure you investigate the plaza and pick up all items you find. There is a chest to the left, and some barrels to the right, as well as a poster. Read the poster and destroy the barrels then approach the gate covered by demon vines on the other side of the yard.

You will notice that these vines are connected to a mechanism on top of another gate. Enter the area covered by Darkens and while standing there, shoot a normal bullet with the Boner. The vines will disappear and you can continue through the unlocked gate.

Jump through the window on the left then go upstairs. Enter the Darkness and advance, but make sure that you shoot a Light Shot at the goat head, when you are trapped. The darkness will disappear and you can explore the house. Pick up all items you find including the brain that you need to open the next gate. Go back outside, following the same path and open the gate protected by the demon.

In the next area, the darkness will appear again, as well as some demons. First turn on the light by shooting the goat head, and then destroy the barrels while the demons are near them. Kill all demons and pick up all items. Make sure you investigate the end of the alley for a red gem.

Turn back and continue through the gate on the right.

When you reach the next area, investigate the alley on the right, then return and climb the ladder. Don’t forget to read all posters.

Jump off the ledge and advance. You will be attacked by several demons and you must turn off the Darkness. Shoot the goat head and kill the opponents, then look around. There are several wooden fences that protect secret areas.

Destroy the fences and pick up all items, including the strawberry. When you are done, return and use the strawberry to open a door, on the left side of the alley. Pick up the red gem inside, and then turn back on the alley where you killed the demons.

Continue through the darkness and makes sure you pick up the heart on the right, if you want to reach the exit unharmed.

When you enter the next area, make sure you are ready to fight a stronger demon. Watch the cutscene and when the demon appears follow these tips to kill him:

Use a Light Shot to stun him.

While incapacitated, fire the Boner and try to hit the red area on his back.

Dodge when the demon is near you and move all the time.

After you defeat the demon, proceed through the gate and sprint through the tunnel until you reach a ladder. Climb the ladder and investigate the next region. Read the poster and destroy the wooden fence to continue.

Jump in the tunnel and kill all demons you encounter, then exit and advance. More demons will spawn and you have to destroy several fences to continue.

Follow the alleys and eventually you will reach another gate covered by vines (demon pubes), to the right.

This area can be tricky, because you have to open multiple gates while standing in the Darkness.

First, advance and reach the end of the alley. A large hand will appear and the Darkness will advance. Wait for it near the gate covered by vines. When you are inside the Darkness, shoot the mechanism and the vines will disappear.

Go through the gate you unlocked and follow the alley, and you will pick up the brain you need to unlock another gate. Jump down and use it on the gate, then follow the alley behind it and you will find another item (an eye). Pick it up and open the third gate.

Follow the alley and when you are near the hand, destroy it. The darkness will vanish and another gate will be unlocked by one of your enemies.

During this sequence, you will be attacked, but there are several safe points that can be activated by shooting Light Shots at goat heads.

Try to lure the demons inside those areas, and take them out. Also, make sure you pick up the glowing hearts to survive longer in the darkness.

When the area is cleared, exit through the gate opened by the one of Fleming’s demons. Advance and the first act will end.

You will unlock the Take Me To Hell Achievement/Trophy.

The next act of the second chapter is called Cannibal Carnival.

Shadows of the Damned Walkthrough
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