Saints Row 4 Zinyak Statues Locations

Saints Row 4 Zinyak Statues Locations

Another challenge you will receive from Kinzie requires you to visit 36 Saints Row 4 Zinyak Statues Locations, and destroy the small statues showing the leader of the aliens known as Zin.

The following guide refers strictly to these statues, which also count as Saints Row 4 collectibles.

Unlike other collectibles in Saints Row 4, the Zinyak Statues must be destroyed. There are 36 locations you have to reach and explore, in order to find all of them.

When you locate a Saints Row 4 Zinyak Statue, you have to destroy it using one of your weapons or powers.

The hidden Saints Row 4 Zinyak Statues are also scattered all around Steelport, but as a rule, some of them are near the stores known as Planet Zin.

When you reach a Planet Zin store, make sure that you look above the entrance and inside the said store, to spot some these collectibles.

How To Find All Saints Row 4 Zinyak Statues

Since the number of stores is lower than the number of Zinyak Statues hidden in the video game, you can opt to use the Saints Row 4 Zinyak Statues map below if you wish to find them faster; but you have to be aware that these collectibles are also place on top of some buildings, bridges or even telecommunication towers.

Since these locations cannot be reached at the beginning of the game, it is a good idea to start looking for the Zinyak Statues after you upgrade the Super Jump power.

Another method you can use to find all Zinyak Statues in Saints Row IV is to get the Collectible Finder, by freeing Matt and by completing The Pledge Side-Quest.

This method will reveal all Saints Row IV Zinyak Statues Locations on your map, along with other collectibles featured in the videogame.

Saints Row 4 Zinyak Statues Locations

The following list, unveils the neighborhoods you must travel to in order to look for the hidden statues showing Zinyak.


Burns Hill Zinyak Statues: 4

Salander Zinyak Statues: 3

Arapice Island Zinyak Statues: 1

Carver Island:

Yearwood Zinyak Statues: 2

New Baranec Zinyak Statues: 1

Bridgeport Zinyak Statues: 1

Port Pryor Zinyak Statues: 1


Sunset Park Zinyak Statues: 2

Loren Square Zinyak Statues: 9

Henry Steel Mills Zinyak Statues: 1

New Colvin:

Espina Zinyak Statues: 3

Rosen Oaks Zinyak Statues: 3

Wesley Cutter INTL Zinyak Statues: 6

Saints Row 4 Zinyak Statues Locations

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