Saints Row 4 Towers Locations

Saints Row 4 Towers Locations

The Saints Row 4 Towers are probably the most challenging targets you will have to disable in Steelport, and the following video game guide explains how to conquer all of them at the beginning of the game, without acquiring any powers for your character.

While exploring Steelport you will have to travel to five different locations where the towers controlled by Zinyak must be disabled.

The map below reveals the exact location of all Saints Row 4 Towers and as soon as you travel to one of them you will notice that each tower is surrounded by several platforms.

To disable a tower you must reach its top, jumping from one platform to another.

Some side-quests in Saints Row 4 also require you to explore and disable these tall buildings.

How To Explore A Tower in Saints Row 4

If you intend to control all towers as soon as you enter Steelport, there is an easy way which will allow you to disable all of them without having to unlock the Super Jump Power.

Since you start the game in Salander, if you travel west, to the town’s pier, you will be able to locate a helicopter behind some crates. While flying the helicopter, travel to the locations revealed by the map below.

Fly all the way up, while standing near the tower and make sure you land on the highest point.

Exit the helicopter, and activate the tower to put it under your control. If you manage to travel to all five locations, you can occupy all Saints Row 4 Towers before completing the first mission.

The pier you have to find is on the western side of Steelport in the Salander neighborhood.

This strategy also allows you to collect most Saints Row 4 Data Clusters scattered through the city, or to reach high spots where you can find other Saints Row IV collectibles, that can’t be reached otherwise.

Saints Row 4 Towers Locations

The following list reveals the neighborhoods you have to visit if you wish to find all Saints Row 4 Towers.


Ashwood Towers: 1

Carver Island:

The Grove Towers: 1


Sunset Park Towers: 1

Loren Square Towers: 1

New Colvin:

Rosen Oaks Towers: 1

Saints Row 4 Towers Locations

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