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Saints Row 4 Collectibles Locations

According to the game’s menu, up to 1022 Saints Row 4 Collectibles can be found and retrieved while playing the action-adventure video game developed by Volition, Inc.; however, the exact number of Saints Row 4 collectables is 1338.

The difference between the number of collectibles in the game and the one displayed on the map is related to the fact that on the map are counted only their locations, while in the Stats Menu are counted all collectibles.

In other words, in one location, you will be able to find more than one Saints Row 4 collectible.

The following guide reveals their locations and provides useful information on how to find them faster in order to earn all corresponding achievements.

The Saints Row 4 collectables are divided in four major categories: Text Adventure Pieces, Audio Logs, Data Clusters and Zinyak Statues.

For each category, a different guide was created, with the purpose of helping those who wish to find all collectibles in a category.

Every guide includes a map as well as additional info regarding a specific type of collectible.

At the beginning of the game you will be able to find and retrieve all collectables, but none of them will be displayed on your map.

How To Find All Saints Row 4 Collectibles

To get all collectibles in Saints Row IV you need to make sure that you visit all 1022 locations; however, these locations are hidden, and can be revealed using two methods.

The first method involves a series of maps, such as those included in the guides below. These maps will point you to the locations where you will find the hidden items.

The second method requires you to unlock a specific ability named Collectible Finder. The Saints Row 4 Collectible Finder ability can be unlocked after you free Matt Miller, and after you complete The Pledge Side Quest.

The ability will be automatically unlocked and it allows you to see all collectibles in the game on the minimap and on the large map featured in the menu.

An important fact you have to remember is that some collectibles are harder to get, and require special abilities that you won’t be able to use until later in the game.

The second part in our Saints Row 4 collectibles’ guide includes maps and information regarding the areas you have to visit if you wish to complete all activities such as climbing all towers in Steelport, or deleting all flashpoints.

Saints Row 4
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