Saints Row 4 Clusters Locations

Saints Row 4 Clusters Locations

All 1255 Saints Row 4 Clusters hidden within Steelport must be collected by those who wish to get the achievement/trophy named A Real Cluster; however, aside from the said achievement, the Saints Row 4 Data Clusters also play an important role in improving your character’s powers.

The following guide explains how to collect all Data Clusters in Saints Row 4, and how to make them appear on your map.

At the beginning of the game, once you reach Steelport you will notice that the map’s legend displays a total number of 1022 Saints Row 4 Collectibles.

Since the video game also includes other collectibles, such as Text Adventure Pieces, Audio Logs and Zinyak Statues, it is easy to notice the discrepancy that exists between the number of collectibles displayed on the main map, and the total number of collectables that results if you sum up all collectibles in the game.

The said difference is explained by the fact that the main map displays the number of locations where you will find collectibles, not the total number of items.

While playing the video game developed by Volition, you will learn more about a new type of collectibles known as Clusters, or Data Clusters.

The Saint Row IV Data Clusters are the only collectables in the video game that can be found everywhere in Steelport, and many of them are in the same locations.

This means, that while trying to collect a Cluster you may find more than one in the same spot, which explains the difference mentioned above.

How To Find All Saints Row 4 Clusters

While the Saints Row 4 Clusters Map below doesn’t show all Data Clusters in the video game, it does show a large number of them, pointing their exact locations.

On the said map you can notice that many clusters are gathered around specific locations, which are in fact the towers you have to take over.

By exploring one of these towers you will be able to find more than 20 clusters, which means that if you want to collect them faster, you must focus on climbing the towers.

Another method you can use to collect all Data Clusters faster, is to fly around the city using a helicopter and land on the roofs where these collectibles appear.

Since you don’t have to exit the helicopter, this method also allows you to explore all neighborhoods quickly in order to locate other points of interest.

If you wish to make all Saints Row 4 Data Clusters visible on your map, you need to complete The Pledge quest you receive from Matt Miller.

As a reward you will get the Data Collector ability which allows you to see all collectibles on the main map, as well as on the mini-map located in the left corner of the screen. Another important fact you have to be aware of, is that some Clusters can’t be retrieved without using your character’s powers.

For example, the Clusters located inside walls can be collected using the Blast Power, while the underground Data Clusters require the Stomp Power.

Furthermore, the Clusters inside spheres require the Telekinesis Power. Usually, the locations where you will use these abilities also hold more than one SR4 Data Cluster.

Saints Row 4 Clusters Locations

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