Saints Row 4 Audio Logs Locations

Saints Row 4 Audio Logs Locations

Unlike other collectibles in Saints Row 4, the audio logs scattered throughout Steelport can’t be retrieved even if you visit all Saints Row 4 Audio Logs Locations revealed by the map below.

The Saints Row 4 Audio Logs are the only collectibles in the video game that must be unlocked, which means that in order to find all of them, you have to make them appear on your map.

Saints Row 4 features 39 Audio Logs and the following video game guide explains how to find them faster, and explains their purpose in the game.

How To Find All Saints Row 4 Audio Logs

Even if you complete The Pledge side-quest you receive from Matt Miller, thus unlocking the Collectible Finder ability, you will notice that only a small number of Audio Logs will be displayed on your map.

A Saints Row 4 Audio Log is a recording that offers additional information on the characters featured in the video game. These characters will eventually join your gang after you unlock them.

To unlock an Audio Log in Saints Row 4 you have to unlock the corresponding character, and the only way to complete this task is to advance through the game.

In other words, if you want to get all Saints Row 4 Audio Logs, you must unlock 13 characters, because each character has 3 Audio Logs hidden in Steelport.

A character in Saints Row 4 can be unlocked by completing primary quests; however if you notice that you have unlocked a character and its Audio Logs don’t appear on your map, it means that you also have to finish a series of side-quests related to that specific character.

It is important to know that after you complete all primary quests in Saints Row 4, thus beating the game, you will be able to free roam the city looking for collectibles, completing activities or taking out the remaining targets.

Additionally, you will notice that all Saints Row IV Audio Logs have specific locations on the map and they can be found in specific neighborhoods.

For example, Matt Miller’s Audio Logs are located in the western side of Stanfield, while Gat’s Audio Logs are in the northern area of New Colvin.

After you collect an Audio Log in Saints Row IV, you will be able to hear a recording made by one of the game’s character. For collecting all 39 Audio Logs in SR4, you will unlock The Whole Story achievement/trophy.

Saints Row 4 Audio Logs Locations

Listed below are all Saints Row 4 neighborhoods featuring the Audio Logs you have to retrieve.


Burns Hill Audio Logs: 1

Ashwood Audio Logs: 2

Salander Audio Logs: 1

Arapice Island Audio Logs: 2

Brickston Audio Logs: 2

Carver Island:

Yearwood Audio Logs: 4

The Grove Audio Logs: 2

Bridgeport Audio Logs: 1


Sunset Park Audio Logs: 4 (Including the island on the right side)

Loren Square Audio Logs: 10 (Including the neighborhood on the right side)

Henry Steel Mills Audio Logs: 4

New Colvin:

Espina Audio Logs: 2

Camano Place Audio Logs: 1

Wesley Cutter INTL Audio Logs: 3 (Including the northern island)

Saints Row 4 Audio Logs Locations

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