Risen 2: Dark Waters Walkthrough

Risen 2 Meet the Commandant! Quest Walkthrough

Meet the Commandant! is the first Risen 2: Dark Waters quest in Caldera and the following walkthrough explains how to complete it.

Meet the Commandant! is activated after the introductory cutscene, and can be finished immediately, after we talk to Juan.

The quest-giver, Juan, disturbs our hero, telling us that we have to see Carlos. After the dialogue, we assume control over our hero.


“Commandant Carlos want to talk to me, he’s waiting at the top of the tower.”


50 Glory Points


As soon as we begin this quest, we make sure we loot everything we can find inside the hero’s room.

In a chest we will find some gold, and on a desk, near the door, some apples and the Officer’s Sword.

We take the sword and equip it, and then we look for a barrel near the desk where we can find a Fat Purse, containing additional gold.

We exit the room, and go right, following Juan.

As we ascend the stairs, we reach the top of the tower and we can see Carlos. We talk to him, to trigger a cutscene showing a ship attacked by the Kraken.

The huge monster, eventually, destroys the ship, but all is not lost. We must check the beach immediately and see if there are any survivors.

Meet the Commandant! ends and a new quest becomes active: Search the Beach

We descend the tower and, eventually, reach the courtyard. At this point, it is important to check the courtyard, and next to the gate, we will see a cell.

Inside the cell is a character named Largo, who is willing to teach our hero how to sneak.

For 500 gold we learn the skill from him, as it will allow us to sneak inside the storehouse while playing another quest (Flotsam), later.

After we learn how to sneak, we continue our current quest (Search the Beach).

Risen 2: Dark Waters Walkthrough
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