Risen 2: Dark Waters Walkthrough

Risen 2: Dark Waters Walkthrough – Tacarigua Quests

In Risen 2, Tacarigua is the second location we have to visit after we finish all quests in Caldera.

Tacarigua is a luxurious island, and unlike Caldera, it features a deep jungle, several caves and multiple enemies (wild creatures and humans). The quest that leads us to this location, is called To Tacarigua, and can be activated in Caldera. When we talk to Sebastiano, the captain of the ship called Black Betty, we agree to travel to Tacarigua, and the quest will be completed.

Patty, will come along, and help us find his father, Captain Steelbeard.

Once we reach, Tacarigua, our hero’s outfit changes, and a new quest is activated: Find the Pirates’ Den.

On the island, we have to keep in mind, that there are three major locations, and the Inquisition’s troops are our enemies, since we work undercover.

This means that it is important to maintain a peaceful state when we explore their outposts; otherwise we will have to fight against well trained soldiers.

Another important aspect that must be considered refers to the quests that can be completed on this specific island.

The first quest that becomes available (Find the Pirates’ Den) can be finished immediately, and it is a story quest; however, to reach the Pirates’ Den, located on the northern coast, we have to fight multiple wild beast and savages. Because of this, it is a good idea to improve our hero’s skills and abilities, as well as his equipment.

Since the only way to do this, is to earn more gold and Glory Points, we have to make sure that we complete all side-quests in the areas we visit. Most of them are short quests, and will help us level up faster, and become stronger.

For all Tacarigua quests in Risen 2, we have created specific walkthroughs that can help players who wish to complete them faster.

As we leave the ship, the first major location we reach is a town called Puerto Sacarigo. We make sure we talk to Pedro, who is patrolling around. Eventually, we will start several new quests, including A Map of Tacarigua.

Risen 2: Dark Waters Walkthrough
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