Risen 2: Dark Waters Walkthrough

Risen 2 Dark Waters Bounty Quest Walkthrough

In Risen 2, Bounty is a quest we can complete after we meet Governor Di Fuego, in Puerto Sacarico, the first location we explore on the Island of Tacarigua.

When we visit Puerto Sacarico, we will need the Map of Tacarigua, and eventually, after we get some clothes (Sturdy Clothes quest), we can talk to Di Fuego.

We make sure we buy the map from him, and then we can continue our discussion about several slaves that managed to escape and became savages.

During this conversation we can activate the quest called Bounty, but there are several things we have to know before accepting to hunt down the slaves.

The following walkthrough reveals the options we have, and how to complete the Bounty quest in Risen 2: Dark Waters.


“Di Fuego wants me to bring him the heads of the 3 escaped slaves.”


200 Glory Points for the quest, 50 Glory Points/Slave, and 100 or 200 Gold per each head (the amount depends on what we say to Di Fuego).


When we open the subject regarding the slaves wanted by Di Fuego, we have three choices, and these choices will affect the amount of gold we receive from him.

Option 1:

We tell Di Fuego that the job isn’t for us, and in this case the quest will remain blocked. We still have to kill the slaves, since they will attack us sooner or later, but the governor won’t give us any gold.

Option 2:

We accept the governor’s job immediately, and Di Fuego will pay us 300 Gold (100 gold for each slave we manage to kill).

Option 3:

We ask the governor why his men can’t kill the slaves. In this case, we can ask Di Fuego to increase the bounty and he will agree to pay 200 gold/slave (600 gold for 3 slaves). It is a good idea to follow this path while talking to Di Fuego.

After we agree to hunt the savages, we exit the governor’s villa and head straight north-east, around the prison tower. Eventually, we will find another tower (Vasco’s Tower), and we will continue to follow the path to the right, while facing the building.

As we descend the hill we will encounter some claw monkeys and three savages. We take the monkeys out, and then with Patty’s help we deal with the savages.

Note: Killing the savages is not enough for Di Fuego; therefore we make sure we loot their bodies to gather their heads.

Once we kill three savages and get their heads, we return to Governor Di Fuego, to collect our rewards and to complete the Bounty quest in Risen 2. Now we can focus on completing the Kitchen Help quest, since we have enough money to buy the Silk Shirt.

Risen 2: Dark Waters Walkthrough
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