Resident Evil 6 Serpent Emblems Locations

Resident Evil 6 Serpent Emblems Jake’s Campaign: Chapter 3

For collecting all Chapter 3 Resident Evil 6 Serpent Emblems in Jake’s Campaign, we are able to unlock a new figurine showing the J’avo 1 unit.

As in the previous chapter, the Resident Evil 6 Serpent Emblems hidden in Jake’s Campaign Chapter 3 can be located faster using the video game guide below and respecting the same order as the one described in it.

Jake’s Campaign Chapter 3, begins after we beat Ustanak at the end of the second chapter, and after we exit the cave. Outside, Ada will wait for us along with her lackeys.

As depicted in the first cutscene, Ada kidnapped Sherry and Jake who are now her prisoners, locked inside a laboratory.

As soon as we assume control over Jake, we begin our exploration looking for the hidden Resident Evil 6 Serpent Emblems.

First Serpent Emblem Location

The first Resident Evil 6 Emblem in Jake’s Campaign Chapter 3 can be located after we escape the laboratory through the ventilation system. The next area we enter is a small corridor with a blocked door, but to open it we need a code.

What we have to do here, is to check the console in the room nearby and gain control over the turrets. We switch between turrets using the correspondent buttons and in one room we will see Sherry. We continue to track her and help her defeat all enemies by firing the turret, and eventually she will also reach a blocked door.

It is important that at this point we zoom in the camera and keep in mind the code used by Sherry to open the door, because it is the same code we have to use in order to advance.

As soon as Sherry escapes, we look to the right (same chamber) and observe a shelf. On top of it is the RE6 Emblem we have to collect. Using the turret we shoot it down, and then exit the area.

Second Serpent Emblem Location

The second Serpent Emblem in Chapter 3 can be retrieved after we get our equipment back. First we watch the cutscene and find out that Jake and Sherry are now in China. This specific cutscene explains how they reached the same country as Leon and Helena who were hunting down Simmons, followed by Chris and Piers who were trying to locate Ada.

As soon as we get our weapons back, we exit the dressing room and follow the corridor in front of us. At the end of the said corridor we can observe a green door with several red Chinese letters painted on it.

We open the door and go right. On a shelf to the left we can spot the RE6 collectible we are looking for, behind a cardboard box.

Third Serpent Emblem Location

The third collectible in Jake’s Campaign Chapter 3 is very hard to find, if we don’t know where to look for it. Once we reach the large hall with the Chinese statue in the middle we use the IDs to activate it twice and eventually a tank will enter through the front door.

What we need to know is the fact that the emblem is inside the statue, but it can’t be retrieved without destroying the figurine. Therefore, as soon as the tank appears we go behind the statue so the tank can destroy it. Next we look for the emblem, on the ground, shoot it, and exit the area as soon as possible.

Fourth Serpent Emblem Location

The fourth and final Serpent Emblem in Chapter 3 is located in the backyard of the same building where we have found the previous emblem.

To get it, we make sure we escape the tank that continues to chase us, and eventually we will jump through a small window.

We follow the only way out and we exit to the backyard (notice the water). Immediately, we turn right, and the tank will appear through a wall. We go around it, and continue to advance, keeping an eye on the left side. Around the corner of the next building, near a red sustaining pole is the last Serpent Emblem in Chapter 3.

After we get it, we finish the remaining objectives which lead us to Chapter 4 in Jake’s Campaign.

Resident Evil 6 Serpent Emblems Locations
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