Resident Evil 6 Serpent Emblems Locations

Resident Evil 6 Chapter 5 Serpent Emblems: Chris’ Campaign

Resident Evil 6 Chapter 5 in Chris’ single-player campaign, is the final mission in which we will be able to play as Chris Redfield, and as in all previous missions we have played so far, in Chapter 5 we can find 4 hidden Serpent Emblems.

Resident Evil 6 Chapter 5 Chris’ Campaign starts with a cutscene showing Piers and Chris Redfield entering a facility.

We remember that at the end of the previous chapter in this campaign, as well as while playing the fourth chapter in Leon’s Campaign; Chris was asked by Leon to look for Jake, who claims to have an antidote for the virus.

Chapter 5 focuses on this task, and throughout the following video game guide, we reveal the location of each Resident Evil 6 Serpent Emblem that can be found in it.

First Serpent Emblem Location

The first RE6 Hidden Emblem in Chapter 5 is very easy to find if we look for it in the right spot. As soon as we begin this chapter, we will interact with a computer, which shows us Jake’s location.

After that, we continue to advance, and in the next area, Piers asks us to throw him over a gap, so he can stop a large fan.

Once we complete this task, we wait for Piers to stop the fan, descend the ladder nearby and go through the tunnel behind the fan.

At this point if we look up we should see the RE6 Hidden Emblem, on a pipe. We shoot it down, and continue to advance.

Second Serpent Emblem Location

The second RE6 Hidden Emblem in Chapter 5 is harder to find if we don’t know its exact location.

After we restore the power to the elevator, we use it to reach Piers and help him clear the upper area of the facility. Next we use the same elevator to reach the lower level and we ask Piers to help us open the next door. After we pry open the said door, we enter a room and in front of us we should see a desk. The door we have opened will eventually close behind us.

While standing at the entrance, facing the door, if we look to our right, we should see the RE6 Serpent Emblem attached to a wall. We collect it, and then clear the area.

Third Serpent Emblem Location

After we escape Ada’s ambush, and find out that she survived after all, we will finally catch up with Jake. How Jake reached the same facility as Chris will be explained while playing his campaign. On the other hand, how Ada managed to survive will be revealed during Ada’s Campaign.

For the moment we have to focus on finding the remaining Serpent Emblems, and completing several additional objectives.

The third RE6 Serpent Emblem can be located after our third encounter with the giant B.O.W. Assuming the we manage to escape the falling platforms (first phase) and to defeat the B.O.W (second phase) we will reach a tunnel, where the boss returns. We make sure that we keep running, and sliding before the doors close in front of us.

Before reaching one of these doors, Piers will fall down, and we must save him by keeping the door opened. After this specific sequence, and after the door closes, we look around and notice that we are inside a small chamber. To the left, and on the ground is the RE6 Serpent Emblem we are looking for.

Fourth Serpent Emblem Location

The final RE 6 Serpent Emblem in Chris’ Campaign is not hard to find, but it is hard to get. After we defeat the B.O.W, Piers gets infected and we have to help him escape the facility.

Once the gigantic B.O.W is defeated, we open the next door, and we will enter a race against time.  Our goal is to escape the facility before it gets destroyed. We begin our race and jump from one falling platform to another. We can notice that from time to time we reach several barriers Piers can destroy.

The fastest way to find the Resident Evil 6 collectible is to count the barriers. When we reach the third one, we stop in front of it and to the right, attached to a wall on the lower level; we can spot the Serpent Emblem. We shoot it down, and continue to run, before the facility is destroyed.

At the end of Resident Evil 6 Chapter 5, we will earn the corresponding achievements/trophies, and learn that Piers’ sacrifice determined Chris to remain with the BSAA; however, the events in the video game continue to unfold in Jake’s Campaign, since Jake was also on a mission with Sherry.

Resident Evil 6 Serpent Emblems Locations
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