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Remember Me Walkthrough Episode 5: Headshot

The sixth part in out complete Remember Me Walkthrough is focused on Episode 5, also known as Episode 5: Headshot.

At the end of the fifth Remember Me episode, you will also have to complete a puzzle by remixing Scylla’s memory, and the solution of this puzzle was also included in the walkthrough below.

Furthermore, the guide includes all collectibles’ locations along with hints and tips on how to find every Scaramech, Focus Boost, SAT Patch and Mnesist Memory hidden within the fifth Remember Me mission.

To get every Episode 5 collectable in a single playthrough, you have to respect the order presented in our video game guide.


Sat Patches: 3

Focus Boosts: 3

Mnesist Memories: 6

Scaramechs: 10


When you start Remember Me Episode 5: Headshot, you have to be aware that during the mission you must locate 22 Remember Me collectibles, and that you will also have to complete a race against time.

After you watch the introductory cutscene, showing Nilin entering Saint-Michel district, you should stop and wait for Edge to finish his conversation with Nilin. Now, you will receive your objective.

Objective: Find the Memorize Head Office

After you receive your first objective, in the starting area, turn around and look for a button that opens a door nearby.

Scaramech 1&2/10

After you open the door, follow the corridor behind it, and go downstairs. Look up, in the corner of the corridor to find the first Scaramech, then go right until you reach the dead end.

To your right you should see the second Scaramech on a box. Once you have collected both parasites, retrace your steps, back to the starting point and go down the alley until you open another door. Eventually you will find a flooded alley.

To get across, use the Force Spammer to move the billboard and keep the Spammer activated until you reach the other side. Continue to follow the main alley, open another door, and you will eventually see a monitor on the right side. Behind it is a shutter you can open using the Force Spammer. Lift the shutter and in the area behind it you will encounter several Leapers. Notice the red shop on the left side of the alley where you are ambushed.

Focus Boost 1/3

Once you have defeated the Leapers and the Skinner that ambush you, near the entrance to the store, look for a platform on the left side of the alley (next to the Caution sign) and on top of it, is the Focus Boost.

Now, cross the store, and climb the wall to enter the ventilation system.

Scaramech 3/10

Inside the ventilation system, advance slowly and locate a tunnel on the left side, while moving towards the exit. At the end of the tunnel is a fan and behind it the third Scaramech.

Shoot it down, and return to the main tunnel. Push forward and climb the ladder. Activate the next door and then lift another shutter to enter the plaza. Lift the elevator nearby, then jump on the central structure and then jump on the other side.

Mnesist Memory 1/6

After you reach the other side of the plaza, turn right and continue to advance. On the ground is the first Mnesist Memory in Remember Me Episode 5. Now turn around and move forward to find a pipe you can use to go to the third floor. Go left and you will see several drones.

Use the safe spot on the right side to go around the first drone, then use the panel in the middle of the alley to go around the second drone. The second drone patrols around the said panel, so make sure you move forward when the drone is on the other side. As you advance you should see another screen indicating that a collectible is nearby, as well as another drone.

Focus Boost 2/3

The Focus Boost displayed on the screen, is in a room behind the drone. While maintaining a safe distance, open the shutter and while the drone is inside go to the room on the right side of the balcony. Let the drone pass, then head inside and take the collectible.

Remain in the same room close to the wall, and let the drone come near you. After the drone moves away, go back to the chamber mentioned earlier. Jump through the window, and follow the yellow markers until you see another screen. At this point a short cutscene start and you will be on top of a roof.

Notice the red pipe on the right side, below you, and the billboard on which you can jump.

SAT Patch 1/3

Instead of following the indicators on the billboard, drop down on the red pipe, and follow it because it will lead you to a balcony where you will find the first Sat Patch.

Once you have collected it, go back to the roof, and follow the arrows on the said billboard. Continue to advance, and you will eventually go to the building across the street using a billboard showing Jax, the panda bear toy.

Scaramech 4/10

After you get across, turn around and look on the billboard featuring Jax. The Scaramech is on the lower left corner. Now, continue to advance on the next buildings until you reach another monitor.

Notice the graffiti painting on the wall in the distance, and jump towards it.

Focus Boost 3/3

While standing in front of the painting on the wall, jump on the ledge on the left side and head up. Next, go right and continue to jump from one ledge to another until you reach a balcony.

Check the area for the collectible, then go back down to the painting. Jump on the same ledge and move up, but now head left, because that is the path you have to follow. Eventually, you will reach a larger area where you will be attacked by Leapers.

Tip: Stay in the light while fighting the Leapers, and when the light turns off use your Sensen DOS to stun them.

After you defeat the leapers, jump on the pipe nearby and then follow the yellow markers. At some point you will reach a closed door, and next to it another screen.

SAT Patch 2/3

While facing the screen, turn around and notice the pipe on the wall. Go up, then left to find another balcony. On it is the second Remember Me Sat Patch. Take it, then return to the door near the monitor. After you open the door, wait for the drone to pass and head left. In the next corridor, you will encounter an Elite Enforcer.

Tip: Each time you hit an Elite Enforcer you will notice that you take damage; therefore, this unit is extremely dangerous. To kill an Elite Enforcer in Remember Me, you should use only attacks that can heal you. In other words, one of your combos should contain several Regen Pressens. Use that combo every time you fight an Elite Enforcer and you will survive all battles.

Mnesist Memory 2/6

After you kill the Elite Enforcer, notice the door made of glass, on the same corridor. Open it, turn right and on the bar is the second Mnesist Memory. After you pick it up, cross the next set of corridors, and make sure you trap the first drone inside the small office and you open the shutter to the second office.

When you exit the building you will see a crane. Use the button nearby to activate the crane and then jump on it and go up. When you reach the top, head left and you will see another button.

Scaramech 5/10

While standing near the console on top of the crane, look on the building in the distance (the one with the large billboard on the roof). On the chimney, located on the left side of the billboard, is a Scaramech. Shoot it, then turn the crane. After you jump onto the next building you will trigger a cutscene showing Captain Gabriel Trace.

Note: At this point, you will start a race and you have to avoid all obstacles you encounter in order to escape Trace. You don’t have other options and other paths to follow. Just keep running, but stay alert because you have to find a Mnesist Memory while trying to escape.

Mnesist Memory 3/6

The Mnesist Memory can be located during the first part of the race. Eventually, you will fall through a hole in the floor, and you will land inside a tunnel.

Hopefully, you will drop on top of the collectible, but if you don’t, make sure you turn around to find it. Continue to run until you reach a balcony, similar to a bridge made of stone.

Scaramech 6/10

When you jump on the said balcony, you should hear a Scaramech nearby. Turn around and look to the left to spot it on a pillar.

Now open the door at the end of the balcony and cross a corridor to trigger the second phase of the chase. Stay on the right side of the area that gets destroyed by Trace, and jump every time you see a hole in the floor. Once you escape Captain Trace, you will enter a building.

Kill the soldiers that try to stop you, and continue to run, until you reach a larger chamber where you must defeat more soldiers, while Trace is flying outside, looking at you.

Scaramech 7/10

After all opponents have been defeated, while looking at Trace, open the door to the left, and then, on the next corridor you should see a door to the right. Notice that it is partially opened.

Behind it is the Scaramech. Next, continue to cross the corridors and you will end up on the roof, behind a chimney.

Scaramech 8/10

When you stay behind the chimney, move to the one on your left side, avoiding Trace’s lights. Shoot the fan in the distance, then go around the L-shaped wall to find another Scaramech. Climb the ladder on the same roof and steal Trace’s memory, to get your next objective.

Objective: Get to Scylla Cartier-Wells

After you defeat Trace, look around and you will see another monitor, next to the pipe you have to climb; but you should avoid going further.

SAT Patch 3/3

Instead, turn around and stay near the right wall. Around the corner, is a ladder, you should climb to access another pipe.

Follow the arrows up and then jump from one roof to another. On the last one is the last Sat Patch. Return to the monitor, and climb the pipe nearby.

Go up and you will enter the room with red and pink lights.

Scaramech 9/10

Inside the room, check the green plants on the left side to spot the Scaramech, then open the door to see a long corridor.

Mnesist Memory 4/6

Advance down the said corridor slowly, and pay attention to the left side, because if you turn left you will find the Mnesist Memory on the ground.

Notice that the corridor is blue, and on the other side is a window that allows you to escape the building. Outside, follow the markers and they will lead you to another building, where you should hear some music.

Mnesist Memory 5/6

If you check the left corridor where you hear the music playing, you should see two robots. On the right side is a blue robot, and behind it is a table on which is the fifth Mnesist Memory.

Pick it up, and retrace your steps towards the shutter. Open the shutter and go up on the next balcony. Hear you will have to defeat a large number of enemies. Focus and use the proper abilities and combos as presented in the previous parts of our Remember Me walkthrough.

After you clear the balcony, Edge will tell you to activate Captain Trace’s Remembrane and you will have to solve a puzzle. Follow Captain Trace’s Remembrane and you will eventually see a door you can open, but you need the correct code.

Captain Gabriel Trace Puzzle Solution

If you activate the Remembrane near the door, you will hear Captain Trace reciting the following lines:

“My first is second when counting them all… My second is frozen when absolute… My third has all its senses… My fourth tap dances like a spider… And all put together I can go through a door…”

The code to solve the riddle and open the door is 2058. Once you have opened the door you will enter a larger corridor.

Scaramech 10/10

While crossing the corridor with multiple banners and lights, move slowly and check the last lamp on the left side for the final Scaramech. On the other side of the corridor, go left and stay away from the drones that patrol. Also make sure you don’t cross the corridor that takes you to Scylla.

Mnesist Memory 6/6

Instead, when you see the final corridor, turn around and look for a chamber with a statue showing a cube. Behind it, on the ground is the last Mnesist Memory. Now, all you have to do, is to watch the cutscene that unfolds and remix Scylla’s memory.

Scylla Cartier Well Memory Remix Solution

Since this isn’t the first memory you remix in the video game, you already know the basics. To complete the mission, you have to make Scylla guilty for the crash.

Make sure you interact with the following items: the cup holder (retract it), Scylla’s handbag (open it), Jax the panda bear (activate it), and the windshield (crack it).

Watch the events that occur during the final cutscenes and you will complete the fifth episode. New achievements/trophies unlocked: Are you my mummy? and Birthday crash. Furthermore you are now able to start Episode 6: Rotten Core.

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