Red Faction: Armageddon Walkthrough

Red Faction: Armageddon Walkthrough – We’ Are Not Alone

In Red Faction: Armageddon, after the Prologue is completed, players will have access to the next mission, named We’ Are Not Alone.

Below, is a step-by-step text walkthrough for this mission, revealing all objectives that must be completed, in order to advance in the game.

It is the second part in the full Red Faction: Armageddon game guide we created exclusively for the third-person shooter developed by Volition, Inc for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

The walkthrough explains where to find several weapons and where to look for more Audio Logs, as well as how to complete each objective. Eventually, players who use this guide will finish We’ Are Not Alone mission faster.

In this mission you will play as Darius and you will notice that he is wearing a mining suit. The mission starts as soon as the elevator takes Darius to the bottom of a tomb.

Objective 1: Explore the tomb

Head forward and S.A.M. will grant you access to the Magnet Gun.

Objective 2: Clear the path

Use the Magnet Gun to destroy the door in front of you.

Continue through the door, and to the right.

Eventually you will reach a hologram. Go left and then right.

Use Magnet Gun on the sphere in the middle of the room to open the next door.

Objective 3: Destroy the seal

Using your Magnet Gun destroy the seal in the next area.

Jump through the hole you discovered.

You will unlock the Secrets Long Buried Trophy/Achievement and a cutscene starts.

You will also unlock the Magnet Gun, and you will lose your suit.

Advance through the tunnel. Don’t forget to pick up the Salvage.

Objective 4: Get back to Bastion

Follow the tunnels and go right.

Press Back if you are lost, and advance slowly.

Use your Nano Forge to clear the debris and to repair the upgrade station. Purchase the upgrades you want and continue through the cave.

A cutscene starts and you will be attacked by several Creepers. Make sure you dodge, and if you run out of ammo, use your Maul.

Continue through the cave picking up the Salvage and killing more Creepers.

Keep your eyes on the radar, because it will show you when the Creepers approach.

Move slowly and you will enter a room where you can see a large alien cocoon, spawning more Creepers. Destroy the cocoon and clear the room.

Proceed forward and you will find the Shotgun.

After you pick up this weapon continue through the cavers. You will have to fight more aliens and destroy more cocoons.

Continue forward and you will fall into an underground passage. It is a good idea to use your shotgun, if you want to destroy the alien cocoons faster.

Advance slowly but stay focused because the number of aliens that attack you, will increase.

When you reach the broken bridge repair it and cross.

Continue taking out every Creeper you encounter. Pick up the salvage and the ammunition.

You will reach a ramp, and you will fall into another underground passage.

You will unlock the We’re Not Alone Achievement/Trophy

Move forward through the underground passage, following the path indicated by your GPS.

Objective 5: Get to the mining colony

Near the bridge, to the right is an Audio Log. Approach it and hold X (on Xbox 360).

Cross the bridge and follow the stairs then the tunnel.

You will find the Charge Launcher.

Objective 6: Stop the invasion

After you pick up the Charge Launcher, get ready for a fight.

Shoot the explosive barrels to kill the aliens faster.

After you clear the room, pick up the Salvage and repair the Upgrade Station, using your Nano Forge.

Approach the dead body in the center of the room to find the source of the signal.

Objective 7: Get to the elevator

To complete this objective follow the tunnel located on the left side of the central room.

Get ready because the tunnel is filled with Creepers and Ravagers.

The next area after the tunnel must be cleared, but you will see that in the center is an alien structure, a Monolith. Take it out as soon as you can, then focus on the remaining alien forces.

After you clear the area, pick up the Salvage and the ammunition.

There is also an Audio Log here, near a dead body, to the left.

When you’re done, activate the elevator on the right side of the room.

Watch the cutscene.

Red Faction: Armageddon Walkthrough
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