Red Faction: Armageddon Walkthrough

Red Faction: Armageddon Walkthrough – Road to Bastion

Road to Bastion, is the third mission in Red Faction: Armageddon, including the game’s prologue.

The walkthrough below refers exclusively to this mission.

The Road to Bastion walkthrough is a step-by-step text guide created with the purpose of helping players who completed the previous Red Faction: Armageddon mission, called We’ Are Not Alone.

With the help of this guide, players can finish the Road to Bastion mission faster, and they can also find all Audio Logs.

The mission starts when the elevator reaches the ground. Darius is informed that the city was attacked by aliens, and almost everyone died.

Objective 1: Secure the elevator

Look around and pick up the Salvage you find.

On the floor, behind you is the Assault Rifle. Pick it up and look to your left, as you will find another Audio Log.

Get near the vehicles you see on the road, and slowly move forward. On your right is an alien Monolith. Take it out, and continue down the road, following the convoy.

Use the Weapon Locker on the left side of the road and change your weapons if you like, then continue down the road.

Objective 2: Escort the convoy

A cutscene starts showing how one of the MCVs is destroyed.

After this cutscene you will be attacked by a large number of aliens, including several Ravagers.

Kill them fast and don’t forget to dodge all the time.

Inspect the area after you clear it and pick up the Salvage.

Don’t forget to use your Nano Forge if you are overwhelmed by enemies.

Objective 3: Repair the bridge

Repair the bridge using the Nano Forge and continue following the convoy.

Objective 4: Destroy the infected building

S.A.M. will inform you that the building on your left was infected by aliens, and you must destroy it.

Advance slowly and take out the Creepers near the building.

You can use your Charge Launcher or your Magnet Gun to destroy the affected structure.

Continue forward and investigate the construction site.

Here, you will find the Plasma Cannon (you may want to pick this up) as well as an Upgrade Station and an Audio Log, on the left side of the road. Use the Upgrade Station after you gather the Salvage.

You will be asked to activate the excavator on the right, but before doing that, keep in mind that you will be attacked by a large number of enemies, including Ravagers.

Activate the excavator, and take a look to your left. You will notice a small wall that offers cover. Make sure that this wall stays repaired all the time, and hide behind it when you are attacked.

Use the Plasma Cannon to take down larger aliens and the riffle to deal with smaller aliens.

When the excavator reaches the end of the road, it will fall and you will land on the ground.

Objective 5: Get to Carver Center

Continue through the tunnel and you will see a large building on the right side of the road.

Enter, but be careful because you are not alone. Change your weapons, using the Weapon Locker, if you want.

Proceed down the road and take out the aliens that appear.

S.A.M will tell you that she is detecting a large signature and you will see the Carver Center sign on your left.

When you enter the next area, you will see on your right a LEO Suit. S.A.M informs you that the aliens infected two buildings and that you should destroy them.

Enter the suit and clear the entire area, using the powerful weapons you have. Gather the Salvage and continue down the road.

Objective 6: Get to the Gondola Station

Make sure you destroy all buildings, for additional Salvage.

You also have to destroy several Monoliths, but since you have the suit, just fire several rockets and enjoy the show.

Advance step by step until you reach a large tunnel.

Enter the tunnel and then go right.

Exit the suit by pressing X (an Xbox 360) and use the weapon locker and the Upgrade Station on your left.

Then activate the gondola. Take care of the aliens coming through the tunnel, and then enter the gondola.

While you ride it, be careful because you will be attacked by Ravagers. You also have to clear the way by destroying several alien structures, in order to advance.

When you reach the bottom, destroy the buildings for more Salvage and go up on the hill on your right to find another Audio Log.

Objective 7: Get to the Bastion elevator

When you enter the next tunnel, you will be attacked by more aliens. Two Monoliths will also spawn. Make sure you deal with these structures first, and then proceed forward.

In the next area, after you destroy all buildings and collect the Salvage, you have to enter an underground room and repair the generator. Use your Nano Forge and then exit the room, but be careful because you will be attacked.

Kill all aliens and wait for the MCVs to enter the elevator. Use the control panel on the left, to activate the elevator.

Watch the cutscene

You will unlock the Vanguard Achievement/Trophy and Tier 2 upgrades.

Red Faction: Armageddon Walkthrough
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