Red Faction: Armageddon Walkthrough

Red Faction: Armageddon Walkthrough – Last Chance, Reversal of Fortune and Genesis

The last three missions included in Red Faction: Armageddon are Last ChanceReversal of Fortune and Genesis.

Our text walkthrough below explains how to complete them and eventually beat Red Faction: Armageddon .

Players should know that this text guide is the final part of the full Red Faction: Armageddon walkthrough we created in order to assist fans of this game.

When the Genesis mission is finished, the game will end, and players will unlock the Breathe Easy Achievement/Trophy as well as the Mr. Toots special weapon and the New Game Plus Mode.

Objective: Get inside the Terraformer

After you defeat the Alien Queen, you will get back to the surface.

Follow the path on your GPS, and sprint.

Watch your steps, because you will have to cross several bridges, and you will be attacked. If a bridge is destroyed while you stand on it, you will end in the lava river below.

Repair the bridges and proceed forward until you see the Terraformer.

You will be attacked by Behemoths and Ravagers, therefore don’t forget to dodge and repair the structures that can offer you protection.

Continue and enter the large building on the left. Another Behemoth will wait for you.

Kill it and go left and then right, clearing the debris.

Follow the ramps in the room on your left to find another way inside the Terraformer. Watch your steps and stay alert because the building is infected.

Go up the ramps until you find the ventilation shaft.

Objective: Activate the security area environment controls

Clear the area in front of you and repair the platforms, in order to reach the control panel.

There are several aliens inside this room.

After you interact with the first panel, go downstairs and a door will open.

Follow the ramps on the right, and go up.

You will reach a blocked door. As soon as you unlock it, using the panel on the right, get to the control panel and activate the environment control, to clear the entire area. The panel is to the right, in a small entrance.

Continue following the GPS.

Behind the next door there are three tentacles that must be destroyed. Make sure you look around for several pods. There is also a Behemoth waiting for you.

Destroy the tentacles and activate the environment control.

Objective: Go to the Central Control Room

Follow your GPS, and repair de the damaged platforms. Look around for Salvage.

Use the Upgrade Station on your right before entering the room.

Watch the cutscene.

Objective: Find a Way into the Terraformer Core

When this objective appears, get ready to defend yourself.

Be careful because a large number of Tentacles will appear from the ground.

Stay mobile and try to reach the other side of the room, where you can see the large tentacles that block your way. You can make your stand there, because it is a safe point, however don’t stop firing.

After you clear all enemies, enter the next room and go right until you have a clear shot on one of the tentacles, on your left.

Turn back and do the same with the rest of the tentacles, but watch your steps and keep an eye on your radar.

Destroy all tentacles.

Objective: Repair the power cores

After the tentacles are destroyed, you have to repair the power cores.

The trick is that several Ravagers will appear, and you will notice that they usually stay on the power cores.

Try moving around and launch the repairing grenades, and try not to attack the Ravagers, if they stand on the power cores, because you will also damage these structures.

Move around launching the repairing grenades (tap LB on Xbox 360) as fast as you can.

When all power cores are repaired, prepare to defend them.

Use the same strategy as above, but try not to waste your ammo, because there are only few ammo crates in this area.

Fire only when you have a clear shot and keep your eyes on the power cores.

When the Terraformer becomes active a cutscene starts.

You will unlock the Breathe Easy Achievement/Trophy

Watch the cutscene.

Congratulations! You just finished Red Faction: Armageddon!

NOTE: You also unlocked the Mr. Toots special weapon and the New Game Plus Mode which allows you to start a new game with all player upgrade tiers and weapons unlocked.

Red Faction: Armageddon Walkthrough
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