Prototype 2 Walkthrough - Blacknet Missions

Prototype 2 Operation: Vivid Future Blacknet Mission Walkthrough

The final Prototype 2 //Blacknet mission in the Green Zone is called Operation: Vivid Future. To unlock Operation: Vivid Future, you must advance in the game and complete the main mission named Taking the Castle.

Operation: Vivid Future awards a defensive mutation for Heller, and can be started by accessing Terminal 8, in Salt Yard Plains (Map Coordinates: 728, 1447).


Defensive Mutation


Begin the mission by accessing the said terminal to get the records of Dennis Wayne, head of the Orion Revival Project. Once you get the information start hunting Wayne.

Dennis Wayne can be found walking on the streets in Fulton (Approx. Map Coordinates: 752, 1410). Look for a male dressed in a white shirt with black braces. Be careful when you try to consume him, because he is an Evolved. Make sure you defeat Dennis Wayne but don’t kill him. Consume Dennis to unlock Cargo Delivery 16-D:

“Important Blackwatch and Gentek cargo is vulnerable. Steal it quickly.

After you unlock this phase, intercept the helicopter in Lincoln Meadows, and start a new race against time.

If you reached this Prototype 2 side-mission you already know what you have to do. There are 18 Intel crates you have to collect before the time runs out. Glide and jump from one building to another until all crates are in your possession, allowing you to stop the Orion Revival Project.

Tip: The difference between this mission and the previous races you have completed is that this time the crates are well guarded by Blackwatch soldiers. Try to use this in your advantage and when gliding, make sure the soldiers around a crate serve as your landing points. In other words, perform aerial attacks to land faster near the crates. Don’t waste your time trying to destroy the helicopters or other vehicles you encounter. Focus on collecting the crates.

When you complete Cargo Delivery 16-D, return to Terminal 8 to access the records of Dr. Soren Donnel. You must hunt him as well, and you will find him inside a base in western Salt Yard Plains (Map Coordinates: 627, 1450).

Be very careful when you try to consume Dr. Soren Donnel, because the soldiers around him can see you. At this point you have two options. Create a distraction using a bio-bomb, or attack the base.

In both cases, make sure Dr. Soren Donnel stays alive so he can be consumed by Heller. After a cutscene you will unlock Gentek Support 12-C:

„Gentek is escalating its more controversial research. Kill all scientists involved in these experiments”.

Next, you must find and consume two scientists to impede Gentek testing. They spawn in Fulton (Map Coordinates: 766, 1378), and you can stealth consume both of them. Take out the guards first, then the scientists.

Your next target is also in Fulton (Coordinates: 707, 1372). Unlike your previous victims, he is an Evolved, so stay alert, because when you try to consume him, more Evolved will spawn. If you manage to defeat them in under 69 seconds you will earn a bonus.

Tip: The Devastator skill is your best choice in this case. Kill the scientist first and consume him, then unleash Heller’s Devastator on the remaining enemies.

Exit the alert zone to complete Operation: Vivid Future. Finish all main missions and find all collectibles in the Green Zone, then travel to the Red Zone, where you will play the next Blacknet mission, named Operation: Spotted Cat.

Prototype 2 Walkthrough - Blacknet Missions
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