Prototype 2 Walkthrough - Blacknet Missions

Prototype 2 Operation: Red Glacier Blacknet Mission Walkthrough

The second Prototype 2 Blacknet mission unlocked after you complete The White Light is called Operation: Red Glacier.

Just like Operation: Jack-of-All-Trades, Operation: Red Glacier can be completed in Green Zone, and the terminal required to start it, is Terminal 7 (Map Coordinates: 760, 1335).


Offensive Mutation


Terminal 7 is located in Fulton, in the central area of the Green Zone. You will find it behind a truck and when you interact with it, you will access the records of Dr. Ben Langham.

To hunt Dr. Ben Langham, climb a nearby building and press LS. His signal comes from a hotel near the terminal (Map Coordinates: 783, 1393). To identify Langham faster, look for a scientist in a blue suit.

After you consume him, you will access his memory, which unlocks the first phase of the mission: Infected Salvage 4-B:

“Blackwatch and Gentek are capturing Infected specimens for further bio-weapon testing. Kill these specimens.”

Now, you must find Base Stronghold Three (Coordinates 640, 1848) and kill several Brawlers. Enter the base wearing Langham’s uniform and release the creatures from their cages in the courtyard, then take them out.

Tip: Make sure you consume all Brawlers to earn additional experience points, and an upgrade for Heller’s Tendrils. When you release the Brawlers you will notice that they will start running through the city.

If you lose them, know that they hunt other Infected, and their final destination is the northern Fulton (Coordinates: 720, 1150).

When the Brawlers have been defeated, exit the alert zone and return to Terminal 7. Access it again to unlock the second phase of the mission, named Suppression 6-D, through Sgt. Lance Bertram. When you hunt him, you will notice that his signal comes from a Blackwatch base located in eastern Salt Yard Plains (Coordinates: 624, 1451).

Consume him to unlock Suppression 6-D:

“Blackwatch and Gentek are cooking up plans to suppress all threats to their operation. Kill the people in charge of these plans.”

Next, you will be asked to destroy several APCs. You can use the Devastator to take them out and earn additional experience points, or you can hijack the helicopter in Bertram’s base to destroy the APCS faster.

Note: The APCS spawn in Fulton (Coordinates: 670, 1275), and after you destroy them several helicopters will appear.

In both cases, when all APCs have been destroyed, you will also have to take out the helicopters and consume a scientist to finish Operation: Red Glacier, and unlock a new mutation for Heller.

The mission ends after you escape the alert zone.

Next Blacknet side mission is Operation: Vivid Future.

Prototype 2 Walkthrough - Blacknet Missions
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