Prototype 2 Walkthrough - Blacknet Missions

Prototype 2 Operation: Clean Sweep Blacknet Mission Walkthrough

After you save father Guerra in the church, you can start the third Prototype 2 Blacknet mission, a side-mission named Operation: Clean Sweep.

Another memory can be acquired after your first encounter with the Orion Soldiers, in western Oakhurst.

In this case, after you destroy the base, make sure you consume Cpt. Stanley Carter (Map Coordinates: 110, 1301), to unlock Cargo Delivery 12-B. If you can’t find him, go to Terminal 3.


Defensive Mutation


After you consume Cpt. Carter, go to central area of Oakhurst (Map Coordinates: 311, 1293) and access Terminal 3, behind the military truck, to receive the following update:

“Important Blackwatch and Gentek cargo is vulnerable. Steal it quickly.”

Now, travel north, to Fairview to find the overlook point (Map Coordinates: 214, 1031). Climb the highest building in the vicinity, and watch the cutscene showing a Blackwatch helicopter.

The next objective is to retrieve the patrol schedules before Crossbow Two One arrives.

At this point you will enter a race against time. You have to retrieve 24 crates before the time runs out. For each crate you successfully collect, you will receive additional time; however, if you run out of time, you will fail the mission.

All crates are clearly marked on your map, so you won’t have any problems in finding them. They are located on top of several nearby buildings. The trick is to glide from one building to another, without touching the ground.

If you do, remember that you can walk up on a building and jump at the same time. This allows you to climb buildings faster.

This specific Blacknet mission depends on what locomotion mutations you have unlocked so far. When all crates have been collected, the mission ends.

Note: The red signal smoke on top of a building also marks the location of a crate. 

Next Prototype 2 Blacknet Side-Mission is Operation: Manticore.

Prototype 2 Walkthrough - Blacknet Missions
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