Prototype 2 Walkthrough - Blacknet Missions

Prototype 2 Operation: Black Tulip Blacknet Mission Walkthrough

Operation: Black Tulip is a Prototype 2 Blacknet mission, which can be completed in the area known as Oakhurst.

Operation: Black Tulip is the second Blacknet side-mission and is automatically unlocked after Operation: Orion’s Belt.

The reward for completing Operation Black: Tulip is a predator mutation, and the following walkthrough explains how to complete it faster.


Predator Mutation


Start Operation: Black Tulip by consuming the soldier in Oakhurst at 268, 1250 (these coordinates can be observed on the map below).  This specific soldier allows you to unlock the Infected Salvage 1-D memory.

Next, locate the terminal in western Oakhurst (coordinates: 187, 1342). The terminal is in a courtyard. Simply walk inside the base and stay near the right wall, to get to the terminal. After you access it you will get additional information from Cpt. Fasolo’s records.

When you exit the base, you can consume Cpt. Tino Antonelli to unlock Infected Salvage 1-E; however, make sure the soldiers patrolling near Antonelli don’t see you.

Now, you will have to travel NE to reach the capture site and sabotage the Infected Specimen (Coordinates 345, 1175).

When you reach the capture site, use the scanner on the cage to release the Brawler. Follow the Brawler through the city, and using Antonelli’s weapon, take him out quickly, then exit the alert zone.

Return to the base where you killed Antonelli, and access the terminal again to receive the following update:

“Blackwatch and Gentek are capturing Infected specimens for further bio-weapon testing. Kill these specimens.”

Note: If you don’t stay near the right wall, and jump over the obstacles you will be detected by the device in the courtyard.

Exit the base again and go north to find the Lair (coordinates 110, 1213). Climb the warehouse for a better view and to reach the next waypoint. Now, you will have to enter the Lair.

Approach the marked point and press B.

When you get inside, go left and climb the lower wall to reach the Brawler’s cage faster.

Unlock it and kill the creature. When the Brawler is consumed, exit the Lair and the red zone, to complete the mission.

Next Prototype 2 Blacknet side-mission, is Operation: Clean Sweep.

Prototype 2 Walkthrough - Blacknet Missions
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