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Mortal Kombat 2011 Game Guide: Mileena

Gamers who decide to play as Mileena in MK9 can use our Mortal Kombat 9 guide, and learn how to perform Mileena’s attacks, secret fatalities, special moves and babalities.

Along with Johnny CageScorpion and Sub-Zero, Mileena is a MK character who was available in the demo version of Mortal Kombat 2011, or Mortal Kombat 9.

In the MK franchise, Mileena belongs to the Outworld, where she lives with her master, father and creator, Shao Kahn.

In fact, Mileena is Kitana’s sister, and she was created by Shang Tsung as a clone of Kahn’s first daughter.

Being the younger sister of Kitana, Mileena hates her, and she will do anything to make sure her biggest rival is defeated once and for all.

As a playing character, Mileena debuted in Mortal Kombat II, and since then, players were able to see her in almost all Mortal Kombat video games, including: Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3Mortal Kombat TrilogyMortal Kombat Deceptionand Ultimate Mortal Kombat.

The website, explains a small part of Mileena’s history:

“Shang Tsung has created many abominable creatures in his Flesh Pits, but none so twisted as Mileena. A fusion of Edenian flesh and Tarkatan blood, Mileena is both beauty and beast. This dichotomy has made her mind unstable; she is prone to fits of madness and savagery. Though she has the appearance of a mature woman, she is more child than adult–a blank slate conformed to Shao Kahn’s will. Devoid of conscience or remorse, Mileena will butcher anyone to appease her beloved father.”

In Mortal Kombat 9, Mileena returns; ready to fight against Shang Tsung’s enemies. Some of her special moves and abilities were revealed by the demo version of the title.

Mortal Kombat 2011 Game Guide: Mileena

NOTE: All moves were extracted from the game, while playing in the single player mode, and in the right side of the screen. Because of this, players can replace the following keys:

  • Right = Forward
  • Left = Back (Away)

Mortal Kombat 9: Mileena Basic Attacks (Moves) List

Uppercut – Press: Crouch + Back Punch
Side Chop – Press: Left + Front Punch
Leaping Sai – Press: Left + Back Punch
Sai Impale – Press: Right + Back Punch
Lunge Kick – Press: Right + Front Kick
Sneaky Kick – Press: Left + Front Kick
Splits – Press: Jump + Back Kick
Sweep – Press: Left + Back Kick
Throw (Away) – Press: Throw
Throw (Towards) – Press: Right + Throw

Mortal Kombat 9: Mileena Special Attacks List

Sai Blast – Press: Left, Right, Front Punch (Can be done in air)
Teleport Drop – Press: Right, Right, Front Kick (Can be done in air)
Leaping Neckbite – Press: Left, Right, Back Punch
Ball Roll – Press: Left, Crouch, Back Kick

Mortal Kombat 9: Mileena Enhanced Attacks List

These moves will use one bar of super:

Sai Bursts – Press: Left, Right, Front Punch + Block (Can be done in air)
Tricky Teleport – Press: Right, Right, Front Kick + Block (Can be done in air)
Leaping Lunch – Press: Left, Right, Back Punch + Block
Ball Roll – Press: Left, Crouch, Back Kick + Block

Mortal Kombat 9: Mileena Tag Specials List

These moves will use one bar of super:

Tag Attack – Press: Crouch, Right + Tag
Tag Assist – Press: Crouch, Left + Tag

Mortal Kombat 9: Mileena X-Ray Attacks List

This attack uses three bars of super:

Femme Fatale – Press: Flip Stance + Block

Mortal Kombat 9: Mileena Finishing Moves (Fatalities) List

Stage – Press: Down, Down, Down, Front Kick – This fatality must be performed near the opponent
Be Mine – Press: Left, Right, Left, Right, Back Punch (Press Back Punch to jump)

Mortal Kombat 9: Mileena Secret Finishing Moves (Fatalities and Babalities) List

To perform the secret fatality (Rip Off) with Mileena, press: Left, Right, Left, Right, Crouch, Front Kick
To perform the secret babality with Mileena, press: Crouch, Crouch, Left, Right, Back Punch

Mortal Kombat 9: Mileena Kombo (Combo) Attacks List

Smacked Around – Press: Front Punch, Front Punch, Back Punch
Boot Down – Press: Left + Front Punch, Back Kick
Bones – Press: Back Punch, Front Kick, Back Kick
Pretty Slasher – Press: Right + Front Kick, Front Punch + Back Punch
Killer Heels – Press: Front Kick, Back Kick
Getaway Sticks – Press: Left + Front Kick, Left + Back Kick
Friendly Kiss – Press: Back Kick, Back Punch

Mortal Kombat 9: Mileena Fast Tags List

Malice – Press: Jump + Back Kick, Tag

Mortal Kombat 9: Mileena Tag Kombos (Combos) List

Malevolence – Press: Front Punch, Front Punch, Tag
Fiendish – Press: Back Punch, Front Kick, Tag

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