Metro Last Light Venice Diary Pages Locations

Metro Last Light Venice is the mission that becomes available when Artyom reaches the city called Venice with the boat of the fisherman he met in Dark Waters.

Venice is another chapter where players can free roam around the map before dealing with the main objective, which is to find Pavel and ask him about the Dark One.

Since Chapter 15 doesn’t have to be played in a linear way, players are advised to use the hints and tips in the following Metro: Last Light collectibles guide if they want to find the hidden Diary Pages in a single playthrough.

Chapter 15 Description


“The subterranean Venice… An island on the dark waters of underground rivers. You always hear rough stories circulating about this place.

I hear it is all one huge den of thieves. But there is something I know for sure: Pavel reached Venice and if I’m not late he’s still there.

Finding the Dark One is still my main mission, but now I see I must also uncover Korbut’s plans so that I can warn the Order about them…”

Diary Page #1

When you leave the boat follow the man that boarded it earlier. Soon he will reach his office. You can find the first Metro Last Light Diary Page in Venice on a box next to his desk.

“The subterranean Venice is a strange city. Three stations half-flooded with groundwater. Old-timers say there used to be another city by that name…

They also say it was the most beautiful city in the world. Who knows what has become of it?”

Diary Page #2

Next, follow your compass to reach the strip club. Go downstairs where the two women are arguing with some guy and then take the second Metro Last Light Venice Diary Page that sitting on top of the vivarium.

“Venice… I’ve been told that the subterranean Venice is a city of thieves and murderers, but if found regular people here.

They’ve arranged their lives as best as they could, have achieved a fragile peace and are really afraid that the chaos raging outside might envelop them. They just want to live.”

Have a private lap dance if you want, and then follow the waypoint until you find Pavel. Soon after you encounter him you can unlock the next chapter in line, Sundown.

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