Metro Last Light Polis Diary Pages Locations

Metro Last Light Polis it’s unlocked when Artyom reunites with his friends, Khan and Miller, in The Garden.

Polis is the place where the peace conference is being held, and it is the last stop for Artyom before reaching D6.

But in order to make a difference, he must ask the help of the Dark One to show the people the truth. Chapter 29 is very short and it doesn’t include any enemies or threats.

Nevertheless, the next collectables’ guide features the location of the only Metro Last Light Diary Page that can be found in Polis.

Chapter 29 Description


“He is not alone… He’s not the last! I understand his excitement and his wish to immediately meet the others. To free them and wake them up… But… He has agreed to wait a bit longer.

First he’s going to try and help us. If we make it to the conference, the dark One will be able to open up the thoughts of Moskvin – or Korbut himself.

Perhaps… make them stop this madness! This is our last chance.”

Diary Page

When the chapter begins, you and your friends have to get inside the decontamination chamber.

Once the decontamination is finished, head outside, and before following Khan, Miller, and the Dark One in the next room, collect the only Metro Last Light Diary Page in Chapter 29  from the couch on your left (opposite to the desk), probably the most important collectible so far.

“I asked the kid about how he made it. How did he survive the inferno? Now I know. When the missiles rained upon the city of the Dark Ones he was simply not there.

The Dark Ones… We’ve been asking ourselves how it happened so that new sentient life emerged almost instantly.

Why did we take millions of years of evolution, and all the Dark Ones needed were a few years? The answer was simple. It was us, people, who had brought them to life. They emerged amongst us. Sukhoi, my stepfather, was right – they were the next stage of evolution. Next to ours. We were their fathers, they were our children.

We had created so many weapons to destroy ourselves with… and one of those weapons gave birth to them. They are not like us. What kills us makes them stronger. We left them a ravaged, poisoned world. But they learned to live in it.

They sustain themselves by absorbing radiation. After being born, they do not enter the world at once – for some time they continue to exist in a dream, growing and learning from the ones who came to be before them. What we destroyed was their home. But the place where their young ones slept was underground. Close to the Botanical Gardens. Close to the TV Tower. It was in the bunkers under the TV buildings, which were connected to D6. But when the warheads fell, the entrance tunnels caved in.

The Dark Ones who were almost ready to enter the world got blocked inside. Instead of them, he, the Little One, opened his eyes, awakened by the explosion and the last scream of his mother. Knowing nothing of what had happened. Not ready for anything, knowing nothing of the world. He tried looking for his kin, but could not find them, because the few survivors continued sleeping. T heir time to wake up had come and passed.

Very soon they could die of hunger, without even opening their eyes once. I don’t know how Khan persuaded Miller, but he was the icon of stoicism and did not reach for his weapon when he saw the Dark One. And the following events shocked me even more than the plans of the Reds – there were Dark Ones in D6! Khan had hypothesized that they were created artificially before the war. Created as what?

Soldiers immune to radiation and having no need for voice communications? Could be so… But then God probably decided to breathe souls into them…”

Reach the conference and make Moskvin tell the truth with the help of the Dark One.

When the “dream” sequence is over, watch the cinematic to begin the final chapter of the videogame, D6.

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