Metro Last Light Dark Waters Diary Pages Locations

Metro Last Light Dark Waters, also known as Chapter 14 in Metro: Last Light, is available when Artyom calls the boat at the end of Bandits chapter.

Dark Waters is a very short mission, and it only involves a ride with the boat Artyom called.

However, the water is filled with some monsters called “shrimps”, so the ride turns into a fight for survival, but this is the only way to reach Venice.

Only one Artyom’s hidden Diary page is available to collect in Dark Waters, and it’s quite easy to find it since the whole chapter takes place on a boat, but there might be players who overlook its location, hence they can use the following collectibles guide.

Chapter 14 Description


“The snow on the surface starts melting… The familiar railcars are now joined with boats… and fishermen. One of them appeared just in the nick of time.

Soon we’ll be docked at Venice. Pavel is most probably already there.”

Diary Page

The Metro Last Light Diary Page in Dark Waters is very easy to get. Once the chapter starts and you’re on the boat, turn around and grab the Note collectible that’s right in front of you.

You can get this anytime you want, as long as you’re on the boat, but you have to get it before the final sequence.

“Some people don’t understand why the whole Metro isn’t still flooded. The others wonder how humanity could last for twenty years in a shelter intended to be used for a few months at most.

Some say that man is just as hard to kill as roaches or rats. But I don’t think that’s the only reason. I always thought we exist for a purpose. We just don’t yet completely get it.”

After that, you have to deal with the shrimps, and when the fisherman throws the big box full of grenades in the water the chapter ends, and the next one called Venice begins.

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