Metro Last Light Bandits Diary Pages Locations

Metro Last Light Bandits starts when Artyom crashes the railcar at the end of the previous chapter, Regina.

In this chapter, Artyom is one step closer to reaching Pavel’s group, but first he has to deal with some bandits that captured the refugees.

There are two Metro Last Light collectibles in Chapter 13, and the following collectables guide reveals their locations for those who want to focus on the story and don’t have time to search every area of the map.

Chapter 13 Description


“Pavel’s group is advancing towards Tretyakovskaya, also known as Venice. They have a few hours’ lead on me, and are moving via frequently used tunnels…

But I will catch up. I can’t afford not to.”

Diary Page #1

Use the railcar to reach the refugees, and after you speak with them advance until you find the bandits (after you rescue the woman from the subway car).

Once you deal with them you find a refugee near a camp fire. Untie him and he will clear the path for your railcar. As soon as you go past the radiation area stop the vehicle and search for a bathroom on the right side of the area.

Inside the bathroom is the first Metro Last Light Diary Page in Bandits level.

“I remember Pavel saying, “You can’t save everyone. You have to choose the lesser evil” in the Nazi concentration camp… He’s probably right. But one thought has been nagging me ever since… We all are damn heroes saving humanity.

The Nazis killing anyone however slightly mutated. The Communists eager to herd everyone into one state and thus introduce peace into the Metro. Me, who in order to save people has destroyed a whole new sentient species.

We’re talking of salvation all the while killing, killing, killing… And that was the way of man always.”

Diary Page #2

Follow the path until you reach a crossroad and you need to change the rail tracks to enter a tunnel with many fires in it (there’s a skull sign at the entrance of this tunnel).

On the right side of the tunnel you should soon find a door (do not use the railcar to break through the spike trap). Head inside and pay attention to the bandits.

The second Metro Last Light Bandits Diary Page is on a desk in the last room of this area, right before where the women and the children are held captive (look for a dead refugee on a chair).

“Somebody told me once, that the Metro stands on water. Usually it can’t get inside the tunnels. The lived-in stations have pumps working day and night to remove the water seeping in from outside.

But there also are places like this, where the tunnels have turned into subterranean rivers and the stations into islands. That won’t stop me. I will continue my pursuit even on water. The Tretyakovskaya is already in sight.”

Once you clear the way, the railcar breaks and you have to continue on foot.

Call the boat and then survive the attack until the boat arrives. Jump on board to start the next chapter, Dark Waters.

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