Max Payne 3 Collectables Guide

Max Payne 3 Collectables Guide

Max Payne 3 features a vast list of collectables that can be found by those who have purchased the video game and intend to finish it in the story mode.

The title includes three different types of collectables, which allow players to unlock better weapons, earn more experience points or to unlock additional information on the game’s main plot and the missions that must be completed.

All Max Payne 3 collectibles must be found in order to unlock the corresponding achievements and trophies. The first type of collectables available in the game is known as Grinds.

To get a grind, players must complete one of the tasks listed in the game’s menu while playing Max Payne 3 in the story mode or in the multiplayer mode.

For example, the first chapter in the game (Something Rotten in the Air) features some of the following grinds: Below the Belt, Slow Dive, Arms Dealer and Bullet River. To complete the Arms Dealer Grind, the player must perform 50 arm shots, while for the Bullet River Grind, Max must fire 1000 rounds.

The second type of Max Payne 3 collectibles includes the Clues that players must find by exploring the environment. These clues are also various, and to find them all, players must know their specific locations.

The number of clues included in a chapter, varies, as well as their nature, meaning that players must investigate every area in the game in order to find them. A celebrity magazine, a dropped photo, a torn dress piece, or an ex-cop found in a bathroom, are just several clues included in Max Payne 3.

The third type of collectables in the game is represented by the Golden Guns. These are special weapons which can be unblocked by finding their parts.

The Golden .38 Revolver for example, is a Max Payne 3 weapon that can be unlocked in the second chapter of the game. To get it, players must find 3 hidden parts.

While the Grinds are listed in the menu, all other collectibles in Max Payne 3 must be found by players, a task that can be quite challenging.

Throughout the following Max Payne 3 Collectables Guide, we reveal the location of every collectible in the game.

Since the video game features 14 chapters, our Max Payne 3 collectibles guide was also divided in 14 parts. Our guide starts with Chapter 1.

Max Payne 3 Collectables Guide
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