Max Payne 3 Collectables Guide

Max Payne 3 Chapter 9 Collectibles Locations

Just as the previous Max Payne 3 chapter, Chapter 9 features nine hidden collectibles, which can be found while exploring the streets of Sao Paolo.

Six of them are golden parts which give you access to two new golden guns: the Golden DE .50 pistol and the Golden M972 SMG (sub-machine gun).

Additionally, Chapter IX includes three  hidden clues, and all of them are corpses.

Chapter 9 is named Here I Was Again, Halfway Down the World, and continues the events started in Chapter 7.

Max must chase and save Marcelo and Giovanna on the streets of Sao Paolo, but this time he will encounter more than just gang members.

In the following Max Payne 3 guide, we reveal the location of every clue and gold part available in Chapter 9, with the purpose of helping those who wish to unlock all corresponding achievements/trophies as well as bonuses.

To find all of them in a single playthrough, make sure you respect the order below.

Dead Gang Members Clue

The first clue is in the first building you enter. Look for a corpse standing against the wall.

DE .50 Gold Gun Part 1

After the second cutscene showing Marcelo and Giovanna, you will encounter several paramilitaries.

Kill them then descend the stairs. To your left you should see a house with two floors.

The second one is destroyed, and the first one is painted in green. Check the entrance (white door) and in front of it is the first Golden DE .50 Part.

Dead UFE Members Clue

As you advance on the next street, you will come across a body on some stairs, to the right. Make sure you examine it.

 M972 Gold Gun Part 1

After you find the clue, in the next building you enter, you will see a woman who runs away from you and locks the door to her room.

Check the bathroom to find the Golden M972 Part 1/3. You will know you are in the right building because Max will walk slowly.

M972 Gold Gun Part 2

Assuming that you complete the helicopter QTE (quick-time event), Max will fall through a roof.

When you exit the building, keep your eyes to the left side of the narrow street.

Next to some stairs you will find the Golden M972 Part 2. Pick it up and at the end of the street you will encounter several cops, protecting the next clue.

Dead Residents Clue

After you take out the cops, examine the body of the resident they executed. It is the final clue in Chapter 9.

DE .50 Gold Gun Part 2

The second Golden DE .50 part is hard to find because it is hidden in some bushes. After the cutscene showing the paramilitaries escorting the residents, you will find yourself in a backyard.

On the left side of the yard you will see two tires and a wheel. Behind them is the Golden DE .50 Part 2. After you pick it up head forward but don’t go upstairs. Turn left around the small fence to find another part.

M972 Gold Gun Part 3

After you cross the porch of the house with a green carpet at the door, you will reach a dead end. To the left, on the ground is the last Golden M972 Gun Part.

DE .50 Gold Gun Part 3

The last Golden DE .50 part can be found after you cross the balcony. Eventually, you will encounter more paramilitaries, on the other side of the street. Kill them and you have to cross a wooden platform/bridge. Right in front of you is a hidden area.

The window has bars on it, but there is a gate to the left. Explore the small entrance to find the Golden DE .50 Part 3, on the ground. Chapter 10 in the video game can be accessed as soon as you complete all objectives.

Max Payne 3 Collectables Guide
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