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Max Payne 3 Chapter 7 Collectables Locations

Chapter 7 in Max Payne 3, is called A Hangover Sent Directly From Mother Nature, and unlike all previous chapters in the game, it includes 15 collectibles.

In this chapter, you can find 9 clues and 6 golden gun parts. Chapter VII starts in the suburbs, where Max continues his search for Fabiana. His goal is to reach the top of the hill where Serrano’s base is located.

If you manage to find all golden parts, in this chapter, you will unlock the Golden Sawn-Off Shotgun and the Golden SPAS-15 Riffle.

The following Max Payne 3 guide reveals the locations of all collectables in A Hangover Sent Directly From Mother Nature.

If you follow the same order as the one below, you can locate all collectables in a single playthrough.

Ex-cop Clue

As you walk on the streets, trying to find a phone, and most important a gun, you will come across a familiar face.

The ex-cop you have found in the first chapter of the game, in the club’s bathroom. He owns a stand in the suburbs and his name is Anders Detting. If you talk to him, you will find the first clue in Chapter 7.

Photo of Serrano Clue

After you meet Wilson Da Silva at the striptease bar, and after you find additional information about Neves and Milo Rego, you will be attacked by several locals.

First take them out, and then check the picture Wilson left behind. It should be on the floor, near the couch where you had a soda with him. Continue to explore the bar for the first golden gun part.

Golden Sawn-Off Part 1

If you check the bathroom of the striptease club, you will find the Golden Sawn-Off Part 1.

It is on the floor, in the middle cabin.

Tourist Clue

Don’t leave the striptease club without checking the last room to the right, near the exit.

Under the bed is a tourist, who will trigger a cutscene. It is the third clue in Chapter VII.

Lower Gang Spray Tag

As you advance on the streets of Sao Paolo, you will eventually come across a locked blue door.

Near the door, to the left you can see a graffiti painting, and a gang tag. Examine it to unlock a new clue, and then enter the demolished hangar.

Golden Sawn-Off Part 2

Inside the hangar after you complete the QTE (quick-time event); you will have to fight your way down.

Keep your eyes to the left side, because behind a door, you should find the Golden Sawn-Off Part 2. Grab it and follow the stairs down.

Golden SPAS-15 Part 1

When you reach the other side of the hangar, to the left, near a door, you will see some crates.

Behind them is the Golden SPAS-15 Part 1.

Golden SPAS-15 Part 2

After you exit the hangar, you will have to go through a train cart, and then a gate which triggers a new cutscene.

In this area to the right, are some rusted iron platforms. Behind them you will find the Golden SPAS-15 Part 2, and next to them a blue wall with a graffiti painting on it, which is your next clue.

Middle Gang Spray Tag

The clue is located in the area you enter after you exit the train cart, behind a large gate.

You will hear Max saying that the next gang is tougher. As you advance, to the right you should see a blue wall and a painting showing three armed goons.

Golden SPAS-15 Part 3

You will find the final Golden SPAS-15, after you jump off a ledge.

Look for it behind a wall, then proceed, and in front of you will appear a shrine. If you find the shrine first, while facing it, turn around and at the end of the street, you should find the golden part.

Shrine to Claudio

The shrine mentioned above is the fifth clue. Examine it then continue towards your objective.

Flyer of Giovanna Clue

After you clear the roofs, you will jump down again, and reach a backyard.

The only way is to go through another door. Outside, to the right, and on the ground is a blue flyer that must be examined.

Bag of Oxidado Clue

The next clue can be found after the cutscene showing Max who takes a peek through a window, and sees a gang holding a party. Inside the house you will find some drugs near the door that takes you to the next area.

Upper Gang Spray Tag Clue

After Max destroys the drug laboratory, you will return to the street.

In front of you is another painting on the wall, showing a skull with two guns (Comando Sombra).

Golden Sawn-Off Part 3

In the courtyard where Serrano’s men capture you, after you kill all of them, there is only one way to exit: some stairs.

On the left side of the stairs you will find the Golden Sawn-Off Part 3 which is the last golden gun part in Chapter 7. Additional parts can be retrieved in Chapter 8.

Max Payne 3 Collectables Guide
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