Max Payne 3 Collectables Guide

Max Payne 3 Chapter 2 Collectibles Locations

Nothing But the Second Best or the second Max Payne 3 chapter includes 12 collectables that can be found by players.

Six of them are clues, and six are golden parts which allow you to unlock the Golden .38 Revolver and the Golden Mini-30 rifle.

Throughout the following Max Payne 3 collectibles guide we reveal the locations of all clues and golden gun parts available in chapter 2.

The guide features hints on where to look for these collectibles, allowing you to find all of them in a single playthrough, as long as you maintain the same order.

Golden .38 Revolver Part 1

The first golden part is in the starting area, behind the DJ’s desk.

After you clear the room you have to climb by pressing A, in order to reach the spot.

Golden Mini-30 Part 1

The part is located in the VIP area, behind the bar.

Dead Soccer Star Clue

The first clue is a dead soccer star.

The body is located in the VIP section of the club, by the stairs, to the left.

Look for a corpse wearing a white shirt, behind a small table. Examine the clue then look around for the second one.

Night-Club Flyer Clue

It is located in the VIP lounge, on the right side of the bar, while facing the stairs that take you to the next floor.

Golden .38 Revolver Part 2

You will find the golden part, when you reach the second area in the club, after the cutscene showing the club’s owner.

This specific zone is marked by purple club lights. The Golden .38 Revolver Part 2 is located to the left, behind the DJ’s desk.

The only way to get there is to follow the stairs to the left and two doors. Both of them can be opened.

Ex-Cop Clue

After you clear the second floor of the nightclub, you will exit through a small door which takes you to the bathroom. You will see three doors but only one of them shows that the bathroom is free. Make sure you approach it to find an ex-cop hiding. In the same room you will find another clue.

Torn Dress Piece Clue

In the bathroom, search the right corner of the sink. You will find a torn dress piece, which means that Fabiana was there.

Portuguese Newspaper Clue

When you reach the club’s kitchen, after you clear the area, search the right side, and near a radio you should see a newspaper. Examine it because that’s your next clue.

Golden Mini-30 Part 2

After you exit the kitchen you will enter the club’s lounge. It is a round room and in the central area, on one of the tables you will find the Golden Mini-30 Part 2. Try to get it as fast as you can.

Golden Mini-30 Part 3

When you complete the helicopter scene, your chase continues on the roof.

Descend the stairs of the helipad and turn right to find a small room. Check the floor, and near a white couch for the Golden Mini-30 Part 3.

Golden .38 Revolver Part 3

As you chase Fabiana on the roof, you will have to go around a large red sign, placed on a platform.

Check the far side of the platform to find the Golden .38 Revolver Part 3.

Giovanna’s Necklace Clue

After you clear the roof, you will continue your chase inside the building.

There is only one way to get in, and you have to descend some stairs.

Keep your eyes on the ground because you will find Giovanna’s necklace which is the final clue of this chapter. Once you complete the chapter you will start Chapter 3.

Max Payne 3 Collectables Guide
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