Max Payne 3 Collectables Guide

Max Payne 3 Chapter 14 Collectibles Guide

In the final Max Payne 3 chapter, Chapter 14, there are only 7 collectables that can be found; however some of them are well hidden.

In this specific chapter, called One Card Left to Play, you can unlock two golden weapons: the Golden RPD and the Golden Rotary Grenade Launcher.

Additionally, in Chapter XIV you can also find one clue.

Assuming that you have followed our Max Payne 3 collectibles guide, and you have found all clues and golden parts, up to this point, it is time to focus on the last chapter, and find the rest.

Since Chapter 14 is the last chapter in Max Payne 3, get ready to encounter multiple forces that will try to stop you on the airport. Your goal in this mission is to stop Victor at all costs.

Golden Rotary Grenade Launcher Part 1

You will find the first collectible in chapter 14, after you clear the starting area.

The golden part is located on the platform that can be reached while standing on the moving luggage loading band. After you get it, follow the stairs up and when you reach the next floor, you should stop to find the next golden part.

Golden Rotary Grenade Launcher Part 2

On the second floor of the luggage loading bay, while standing near the entrance, turn right and you will see another golden part.

It is the second Golden Rotary Grenade Launcher part, but to get it, you have to go all around the platforms. After you get it, continue through the airport until you reach the next area.

Ex-Cop Clue

As you advance on the hallways, make sure you check the bathroom (you should see a soldier in front of the entrance). The bathroom is very important because here you will find two additional collectibles.

The first one is the ex-police cop you met in Chapter 2 and Chapter 7. He is inside the toilet.

Golden Rotary Grenade Launcher Part 3

The second collectable is also in the bathroom, but in the showers.

After you get it, you will unlock the Golden Rotary Grenade Launcher. After you pick it up, continue towards your objective.

Golden RPD Part 1

When you enter the terminals’ area, check the left side of the second floor, and you will find the first Golden RPD part at the end of the balcony.

Golden RPD Part 2

Advance until you clear the terminal and make sure you check the left side of the ground floor, near the exit. You will see the second Golden RPD part behind a small desk, to the left, while facing the exit.

After you pick it up, open the gate and continue to chase Victor.

Golden RPD Part 3

The third Golden RPD part as well as the final collectible in Max Payne 3 can be found after you complete the train race, near the end of the game. Eventually you will jump from one train to another and the train will stop.

Don’t leave without checking the back of the train. On the floor, you will find the Golden RPD Part 3 which is the last collectible in Chapter 14.

Max Payne 3 Collectables Guide
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