Max Payne 3 Collectables Guide

Max Payne 3 Chapter 13 Collectibles Guide

Chapter 13 in Max Payne 3 includes 16 collectibles, and it is the longest chapter in the game.

Nine collectibles in Chapter XIII are golden parts, while seven of them are clues.

Throughout the following Max Payne 3 collectibles guide, we reveal every location you have to find in order to gather the collectables in Chapter 13.

A Fat Bald Dude With A Bad Temper takes you to a police station; therefore, when you start Chapter 13, expect to encounter multiple cops. Max’s goal is to escape the police station and continue his chase for Victor.

Three new golden weapons can be unlocked in this specific chapter; if you manage to find their parts.

These weapons are: the Golden Law, the Golden G6 Commando rifle, and the Golden MPK sub-machine gun.

Golden MPK Part 1

In Chapter 13, the first collectable is located after you escape the starting area.

Eventually, you will reach a corridor that takes you to the prison. Make sure you turn left, and on a small shelf you should see first Golden MPK part. After you get it turn around and advance.

Stop near the next entrance to the right (the showers area).

Golden Law Part 1

The first Golden Law part is in the prison (in the showers area), on the ground, behind a wall.

Make sure you turn right when you enter otherwise you won’t see it.

Tourist Clue

The first clue in the chapter is the tourist you have met in Chapter 7.

He is imprisoned in a cell. At this point, you should explore the prison, because his location is near the second golden gun part. Don’t exit the prison without talking to him.

Prison Log Clue

In the next area, after you kill all cops, check the office on the other side, to locate a laptop, standing on a desk to the right.

Golden Law Part 2

After you destroy the armored vehicle outside and after you kill all cops, you will enter the police station again. At the entrance look to the left and you should see a trash container.

Behind it is the second Golden Law part.

Golden G6 Commando Part 1

Continue through the building and when you exit again, kill the cops and turn right. You should see a small wall. Check the ground behind it to find the first Golden G6 Commando part.

Next, you will enter the police station again.

Golden MPK Part 2

In the training room, check the showers (first room to the left). Inside is the second Golden MPK part.

Golden G6 Commando Part 2

When your reach the next area, make sure you explore the kitchen.

Under the serving desk is the second Golden G6 Commando part. Don’t leave the area yet.

Promissory Note Clue

After you get the golden part above, cross the hallway and search the office to the right.

On a desk is a note which is also a new clue. After you get it move forward and in the next hallway, stop.

Golden G6 Commando Part 3

Search the first office to the right, and on the ground you will see the final Golden G6 Commando part. After you get it cross the hallway to the conference room.

Golden MPK Part 3

In the lobby, where you have found the previous part is a small conference room.

As you enter, turn right, to locate the third and last Golden MPK part. Now, take the elevator up to the 5th floor.

Political Folder Clue

In the second area of the 5th floor, after you clear it, check the second office on the right side to find a paper file on the first desk. Now exit to look for the next clue in the same area.

E-File on Da Silva Clue

In the same area where you have found the clue above (fifth floor), visit the office, located on the left side of the exit point. Search for a laptop.

Slide Show Clue

After you exit the main office on the fifth floor, using the keycard found on a soldier, you will enter the briefing room. On the other side, to the right, is another laptop. Approach it and play the briefing.

Make sure you play the full slideshow.

Flak Vest Clue

The last clue is in the Arsenal (after you complete the snipers QTE); near the security door button you have to push.

Don’t open the doors without investigating the flak vest in the locker, or you will miss this collectable.

Golden Law Part 3

Later in this chapter, while you fight your way through the training area, you will enter the targeting zone.

After you clear it, next to the entrance, turn left to find the second Golden Law part, on the floor. After you finish the mission you will be able to starts Chapter 14, which is the final chapter in the game.

Max Payne 3 Collectables Guide
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