Max Payne 3 Collectables Guide

Max Payne 3 Chapter 10 Collectibles Locations

It’s Drive Or Shoot, Sister is the 10th chapter in Max Payne 3 and the final chapter of the first part. Chapter 10 is shorter than the previous chapters you have played, and includes only 8 collectables.

Two of them are clues and six are golden gun parts.

The action in Chapter X takes place in a bus depot, where Max tries to find a way to escape along with Giovanna.

At the end of the chapter you will have to complete another race, and the outcome of the second part will unveil an unexpected fact regarding your partner, Passos.

If you manage to collect all golden gun parts in Chapter 10 of Max Payne 3, you will unlock two new gold weapons.

The first one is the Golden FAL rifle and the second one is the Golden M4 Super 90 shotgun.

Using our Max Payne 3 Chapter 10 collectibles guide below, you can gather all clues and golden parts in this specific chapter in a single playthrough.

Golden Gun FAL Part 1

In the starting area, after you kill the snipers on the roof, on the right side of the junkyard is a bus without a cover.

On the floor you will find the first Golden FAL part.

Office Newspaper Clue

After you open the gate to the next area, following Giovanna, clear the yard, then check the office on the right side near the gates.

On the desk is a newspaper, which is the first clue in this chapter.

Golden Gun M4 Super 90 Part 1

When you enter the garage check the small cabin inside it, to find a first Golden M4 Super 90 part.

Golden Gun M4 Super 90 Part 2

After you exit the paint booth, you will have to complete another quick-time event and save Giovanna.

Don’t follow the stairs she lowers for you. Instead, check the workbench to find the second Golden M4 Super 90 part. Pick it up and continue after Giovanna.

Golden Gun FAL Part 2

In the next area, after you clear it, check the bus. It is opened, and inside is the second Golden FAL part. Grab it then follow Giovanna.

Golden Gun M4 Super 90Part 3

After you break in the next building, clear the second floor then locate the office on the far side, to the right.

On a table next to the desk is the last Golden M4 Super 90 part. Next descend the stairs.

Ad Campaign Poster Clue

At the bottom of the stairs to the right is a large poster showing a woman named Camila Machado.

Examine it because is the second clue in Chapter X.

Golden Gun FAL Part 3

When you reach the ground floor you will be attacked by a paramilitary.

Take him out then explore the office from which he came out. Behind the desk, on the ground is the last Golden FAL part. Even more collectibles can be retrieved in Chapter 11.

Max Payne 3 Collectables Guide
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