Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough

Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough – Side Missions

Mass Effect 3 includes 25 side-missions or side-quests that can be completed by players who have purchased the game.

These side-missions should not be confused with the Citadel missions or the N7 missions featured in ME3, even if sometimes they are connected.

The difference between a Mass Effect 3 side mission and an N7 mission, for example, is that sometimes, to complete a side-mission, players must explore the universe, and specific planets; while in an N7 mission, Shepard and his crew will be sent to different combat zones to complete specific objectives.

Because of this, most side-missions can be completed faster; however there are several side-missions that involve combat situations.

An important aspect regarding several Mass Effect 3 side-missions is that they can be unlocked only after reaching specific priorities, or points in the game.

In other words, to gain access to a cluster, system, or planet featured in Mass Effect 3, players may have to complete more main-missions.

One of these side missions is Irune: Book of Plenix, which can be started immediately after Priority: Perseus Veil.

For this specific mission, the player must find and scan Planet Irune, which is included in a cluster named Aethon.

Even if this side-quest begins in an early stage of the second act, Planet Irune becomes available in the Milk Way, later in the game.

Completing all Mass Effect 3 side-quests is an important step in the game, especially because, these tasks provide experience points, War Assets as well as credits and Paragon/Renegade Points.

For each mission a different walkthrough was created; with the purpose of helping players who wish to beat these missions.

All walkthroughs explain when to start the missions, when to complete them and what rewards players should expect to receive.

Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough
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