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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough: Prologue – Priority: The Citadel

Your first visit to the Citadel allows you to earn 35.000 credits and explore a very important area included in the game.

You will begin your exploration after your dialogue with Commander Bailey. Choose your answers wisely for additional Paragon/Renegade points.

When you are ready to begin your exploration open your map by pressing the Left Thumbstick.

Your main objective is to talk to Councilor Udina and convince the Council to send help for the fight against the Reapers; however, during your first visit to the Citadel you can also start a side-mission and you can add several War Assets to your crew.

War Asset: Diana Allers

Open your map and locate Diana Allers, in the waiting room (number 2 on your map).

Talk to her and accept her offer to join your crew, and she will become a romanceable character.

War Asset: Doctor Chakwas/Dr. Mitchel

Now, travel to Huerta Memorial Hospital, and in the patient lounge locate Doctor Chakwas and Dr. Mitchel. You can recruit only one doctor, so choose wisely. Doctor Chakwas will be happy to join your crew, but to convince Mitchel, you may need additional Renegade/Paragon points.

First, convince Doctor Chakwas to stay at the hospital and you can return to Doctor Mitchel later and add her to your crew. In the same room, check the central area and locate the Sirta Supplies Control Panel.

Activate it to unlock a new achievement/trophy and to create the link between the shop and Normandy. This link allows you to purchase Sirta Supplies from the ship.

Next, visit Kaidan and talk to him, for additional reputation points, then use the elevator to reach the Citadel Embassies.

War Asset: Khalisa Al-Jilani

First, visit Commander Bailey’s office (point 1) and you will see him taking to a reporter named Khalisa Al-Jilani. When she leaves, talk to Bailey to get additional Paragon/Renegade points. Exit the office and find Khalisa Al-Jilani (point 4).

At this point you have two options. You can interrupt her and persuade her to join your crew, by pressing LT when the icon appears on your screen. Or, you can punch her by pressing RT,  but you won’t get her in your team, or the 10 points War Asset.

NOTE: While standing near the elevator, go left towards point 5. In the corner of the hallway you will see two characters talking. Go near them (you can’t interact with them) and while standing there you will be able to start a side-mission called Shrike Abyssal: Prothean Obelisk.

After the mission is added to your map, go to Udina’s office (point 2) and watch the cutscene. Talk to the Council and try to convince them to help you, and then talk to Udina.

Seems like the Turian Councilor is willing to help you, but he needs your help. You Spectre status will also be reinstated now.

Exit the office and enter the room across the hallway. At the end of the hallway, activate the Spectre Requisitions terminal which allows you to buy the items while inside your ship.

Now, if you wish, check the Shooting Range and upgrade your weapons using the Weapon Bench inside.

NOTE: At this point, the prologue ends, and the first act of the game starts; however we suggest you to complete the N7 side-mission for additional credits.

First, go back to Normandy and complete the dream sequence. All you have to do is to chase down the kid in the forest.

When the scene ends you will return to your ship, and Liara will wait for you, along with Specialist Traynor and Admiral Hackett’s hologram. Talk to them and after the dialogue ends you will be able to explore the ship. A new N7 Mission, called Cerberus Lab was added to your log.

Make sure that during your first visit on Normandy, you perform the following actions.

-Visit the Captain’s Cabin, and use the Armor locker to customize your armor.

-Go to the Combat Information Center and talk to Specialist Traynor. The Galaxy Map Terminal near Traynor allows you to start side-missions and to navigate through the Milky Way. Make sure you familiarize yourself with this terminal.

-Go to the War Room which allows you to see your War Assets and your ratings. This room is also important because later in the game you will be able to access the Galaxy at War map.

-If you visit the Crew Deck, you can interact with your squad members. Assuming that you have recruited a doctor earlier, you will also be able to learn about your appearance, as well as Renegade and Paragon points.

The Medical Room (point 4) allows you to reassign your powers and power bonuses. Make sure you visit Liara’s Cabin, and talk to her assistant, Glyph.

The Intel Terminal allows you to buy various upgrades. Now, you can leave the Crew Deck, but make sure you check Life Support Cabin, near the Crew Quarters for the Destiny Ascension Model (left corner).

– The next point of interest is the Engineering area. Use the stairs to the left while visiting this area, to reach the lower level, and near the stairs, on a crate, to the right, you will find the Turian Cruiser Model.

Check the same area, for a white desk and you will find the Sovereign Model. Pick it up then talk to Diana Allers, and ask her to research something. If you choose support, you will get Paragon points, and if you ask her to focus on Cerberus, you will earn Renegade Points.

Next, talk to Engineer Adams for reputation points, and go to the Shuttle Bay.

The Shuttle Bay is one of the most important areas on Normandy.

The Weapon Bench allows you to upgrade your weapons, while the Procurement Interface connects you to the stores you have activated while visiting The Citadel.

Learn how to use them, upgrade your weapons using the mods you have acquired, and upgrade them. Now, head to the central area, and locate James. While facing him, to the right you will see several crates. Near the crates is the Normandy SR-1 Model.

Grab it, then talk to James Vega to unlock the Fortification Bonus Power and to earn Paragon/Renegade points (pay attention to the icons at the bottom of the screen while fighting James, and press the corresponding buttons). To equip the Fortification Bonus Power go back to the Medical chamber.

On your way out, don’t forget to talk to Lieutenant Vega for more Paragon points.

NOTE: Now, you can head towards your next destination. You can choose to start the N7: Cerberus Lab Mission, or you can start the first act of the game, and the first mission, Priority: Palaven. In both cases, you must reach the Combat Information Center (CIC) and the Galaxy Map.

Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough

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